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These 5 Rapid-Growing Plants Are Just Perfect For Quick House Decoration

These 5 Rapid-Growing Plants Are Just Perfect For Quick House Decoration

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Are you one of those people who don’t have the patience to wait a long time for their flowers to grow? I am like that too! 

For a long time, I was looking for plants that will bloom quickly and bring a fresh look to my home. With these beauties I managed to do it because they didn’t take long!

If you want to fill your house with greenery as soon as possible, this list is just perfect for you.

Take a look!

#1 Pothos Will Be Perfect For Your Window Decoration

This plant is a dream for every beginner because it is not demanding at all. Pothos like light, so you can place them on a windowsill. 

This superhero will even clean the toxic air in your house, so you will have a lot of benefits from this blossom!

Guess what? Your pothos will only take up to a few weeks to grow! That’s great, right? 

The leaves are heart-shaped and green in color and some may have yellow spots, so that will make them even more special! 

#2 The Spider Plant May Sound Scary, But It’s Actually Cute

Is the spider your biggest fear like mine? 

When I first heard about this plant, I thought there was no way I could have it in my room. After I saw the spidey, I changed my mind. It is such a cutie and isn’t scary like its name.

Its green flowers really looked like a spider’s tiny legs. You can use my idea for next year’s Halloween because last year I decorated my home with spider plants. Nobody even noticed me or my costume because my plants got all the attention!

They can bloom in both light and shade, so place them wherever you want! This green buddy takes three to four weeks to grow.

#3 Decorate Your Shelves With This Classy Lady Called Lily

This flower will not only make your house elegant, but it will also relieve your stress, because its other name is peace lily!

Lilies can survive in both sunlight and shade. With its large green leaves and white flowers that represent calmness, it’s perfect for a shelf. I placed it in a white vase on a small desk.

All the guests who came to my house asked me about this plant because it really stood out for its beauty!

This lily will take 3 years to fully bloom. Don’t give up after learning this because it will really pay off later. If your lilies stop flowering for any reason, there are tricks you can use to get them to bloom!

#4 Hoyas Will Leave You Amazed With Their Fast Growth

If there were a competition for the speed of plant growth, Hoya would definitely win first place! They can grow several inches in just a month. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

That’s why it’s considered a weed in nature, because it truly grows fast. Hoyas bloom in bright light. The flowers are star-shaped and white in color, with a red dot in the middle.

It might be a good idea to get a small ladder for it because it can grow quite tall. Hoyas are great for bedrooms. If you want to fill an empty wall in your room, they will fit perfectly!

#5 Make A Hanging Basket And Decorate It With A Striped Inch Plant

The last plant you can add to your jungle is the Striped Inch Plant. Their purple leaves are made for hanging baskets. If you don’t have any baskets, you can just buy them or make them at home.

Give it some light and your striped inch will be satisfied

How much will it grow? It depends, you may need to wait up a couple of months or a year, just take good care of them and they will bloom quickly!

Whichever you choose, be sure that these 5 fast lightning bolts will make your indoor space good-looking! These stars will make every part of your home special.

Why wait? You can make the night interesting by creating a game and deciding with your housemates which flower will fit perfectly in your home! Good idea, right?