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5 Garden Activities For Kids In January

5 Garden Activities For Kids In January

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January may be a cold month in most of the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

There are many things you can do with your children to have fun! Writing in the snow or turning a January harvest into a unique experience for your kids are just a few activities your children will like.

Here are some ideas to help you get started!

January Garden Activities For Kids

The Garden Classroom

Author: Cathay James

• Page number: 232

• Paperback

This book offers plenty of season-to-season activities you can do with your family. You’ll find things you can harvest and plant, interesting gardening games for your kids, and more.

Here’s a short guide of what you can do in January with your whole family!

#1 Create Winter Art

My favorite winter outdoor activity when I was a child was building snowmen, igloos, and forts out of snow. And I loved it when my parents were there to help!

Use the snow to your advantage and spend time with your whole family. You can fire colored firecrackers or give your children colors to create amazing winter art.

Their inner Michelangelos will thank you!

#2 Order Potatoes

If you’ve learned how to store potatoes and other veggies properly, then you’ll have more than enough knowledge to try out this fun game with your little ones.

Use this fun activity to support the development of your children. Gather potatoes of various sizes and let them order them by size.

Later, you can use these veggies in dishes or plant them in containers for an early summer harvest.

#3 Prune Trees

Don’t be afraid to give your child pruning scissors. They may be a lot better at cutting than you are!

Teach them how to trim dormant trees. Enjoy spending time with your family while doing crucial work in your garden.

Pruning will support flowering, fruiting, increase air circulation, etc. Also, this activity may nurture their little green thumbs, give them life-long knowledge, and more!

#4 What To Harvest In January

There are many fruits and vegetables you can harvest in January. Winter broccoli, Brussel’s sprouts, lettuce, turnips, and even late apples are all the things you can collect in the midst of winter.

Use your kids to help you and make a game out of it! Who can collect the most apples? They will enjoy this little competition and you’ll get work done a lot faster!

#5 What To Plant In January

Have you ever wondered how to use a greenhouse in winter? Well, one of the things you can do is start plants – microgreens especially.

(You can do it in your home, too, if you have the space.)

Why microgreens? They are quick to mature, delicious, and full of nutrients. Use this gardening chore as a way to spend more time with your children.

Prepare a seed-starting compost and let your kids plant the seeds. You can use red radish, basil, broccoli, red cress, etc.

Harvest them when they are 2-4 inches tall.