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Seven Surefire Ways To Banish Earwigs From Your Garden

Seven Surefire Ways To Banish Earwigs From Your Garden

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And the award for the most disgusting creature goes to earwigs! Contrary to popular belief, these nuisances have nothing to do with our ears (thankfully). 

Still, they love munching on plant foliage and decaying wood, posing a threat to your home. The main reason why you should get rid of earwigs is that they’ll find their way into your house, lay their eggs, and you’ll be dealing with an infestation in no time. 

If you have a garden, things will only worsen since these guys can wreak havoc on plants and destroy every leaf that comes their way. 

Say goodbye to commercial products that will do more harm than good! I’ll show you some simple yet effective and cheap solutions that will help you remove earwigs from your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Let’s get started!

1. Vacuum Often

I’m sure you didn’t expect to see house chores on this list. Well, vacuuming thoroughly and frequently can help you with earwigs. 

A powerful vacuum cleaner will suck up not only mature earwigs but also their eggs. Therefore your goal isn’t only to remove visible earwigs but destroy the whole population.

Give your blankets, sheets, and pillows a good shake since earwigs can easily hide there.

Earwigs are also good runners so it’s essential to discard vacuum bags. Alternatively, empty the bag in soapy water and the earwigs will be gone for good.

2. Make A Soapy Spray

Soapy sprays are one of the most frequently used methods for pest control. All you need to make this spray is a few drops of dish soap and some warm water

Make sure you shake it well until soapy every time you apply it. You can use this spray in all corners of your household or outdoors. Whenever you spot earwigs, take the solution and spray well. 

If you spot earwigs on the leaves of your garden plants, you can apply a soapy spray. Best of all, this mixture works well on other pests, not only earwigs. 

3. Rubbing Alcohol And Water Solution

Another homemade organic spray you can use is a mix of rubbing alcohol and water. Add one part rubbing alcohol to one part water and pour the solution into a spray bottle. 

Once you notice earwigs, apply the solution. It will easily break their waxy coat and kill them.

Make sure to store this solution properly because it can harm children and pets.

4. Apply Boric Acid

Some areas in our homes are too hard to reach and earwigs use this opportunity whenever possible. 

These areas include crevices and cracks in kitchen cabinets, windowsills, and bathrooms. Earwigs are big fans of moisture and such places in our homes are at bigger risk. 

Sprays won’t work in crevices and cracks but boric acid will. (1) Take the powder and sprinkle it in every area where you see or expect earwigs. As soon as they come in contact with boric acid, they’ll instantly die. 

Boric acid will also keep them at bay; luckily they’re really afraid of this substance. 

I must warn you that boric acid can damage your hands, so always wear protective gloves when handling it. 

Keep boric acid out of reach of small children and pets!

5. Reduce Moisture

As mentioned, earwigs are moisture-loving creatures, so you should pay more attention to wet areas in and around your home. 

You should inspect your home carefully; start with faucets and drains and if you notice any leaks, make sure to seal them.

If your walls are warped you should check them further as this can mean that there’s water damage. Earwigs will keep coming back to these places so instead of using any solutions, determine the source of the problem and fix it

These creatures love spending time in gutters, so you should thoroughly clean them and make sure there aren’t any leaves left behind. Damp conditions are a true magnet for naughty earwigs. 

High humidity isn’t uncommon in households, so if you have this issue, consider investing in a dehumidifier. Of course, this won’t kill earwigs but they won’t see your home as attractive as it used to be. 

6. Make A Soy Sauce Trap

Earwigs aren’t picky about food and you can use this feature as an advantage. Soy sauce is an excellent condiment and will help you remove earwigs. 

All you need to do is take a small container and fill it with some vegetable oil and soy sauce. Make a few ¼ inch sized holes in the lid of the container and put it back on.

Earwigs will smell the sauce (just like we would) and quickly crawl into the container. This will be their last meal!

Once they all drown, dispose of the container in a trash bag and seal it tightly, just to be sure. 

7. Strong Scents

Pest-repellent plants are your allies now. We love the scent of lavender, eucalyptus, basil, or cinnamon but earwigs don’t. 

Additionally, essential oils made from these plants are perfect for sprays to use both indoors and outdoors. 

Add a few drops of essential oil of your choice to water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. You can use this spray in all areas and as an added bonus, it will remove bad odors from your household!

If you’re dealing with a severe earwig infestation, I highly recommend consulting with professionals. Sometimes, earwigs can’t be removed without special equipment and treatment. 

Can They Pinch You?

One of the most frequent questions is if earwigs can pinch us. Remember, these creatures aren’t as dangerous as they look and they’ll only pinch you if they feel threatened

They use pinches as a defense mechanism against predators, to hunt smaller animals, or compete with other male earwigs for mating.

Keeping earwigs at bay isn’t hard; the methods above won’t cost you money or effort and that’s why they should be your first choice over store-bought chemical products. 


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