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This Common Garden Staple Is All You Need To Get Rid Of Annoying June Bugs

This Common Garden Staple Is All You Need To Get Rid Of Annoying June Bugs

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You know what the second thing that comes to my mind is when someone says June? June bugs! Yes, the first one is summer and the beauty of lush and thriving gardens. 

But I simply can’t forget about these nuisances. My garden from two years ago would never forgive me if I weren’t constantly paying attention to these bugs. 

They are basically tiny larvae, but don’t let their size fool you. And I really mean this. You can’t notice them in the soil but they’re staging a covert operation to turn your yard from paradise to ruin.

Call me dramatic, but if you haven’t been dealing with June bugs, you’re one lucky person. Once they’re done with munching on grass roots, they’ll leave a perfect setting for raccoons and cranes to finish what June bugs started. 

It’s true that there are various synthetic products that can destroy June bugs quickly. But I simply don’t want any chemicals in my garden. Luckily, I found something way better and completely natural.

Ready to win the war against June bugs? 

Diatomaceous Earth Is Your Secret Weapon!

I have trouble pronouncing Diatomaceous Earth, so I’ll simply refer to it as DE (come on, this is gardening, not a spelling bee). 

So, what’s the story behind this garden staple? It’s extracted from fossilized diatoms and has been used for pest control for ages. 

Once a June bug comes into contact with this substance, it will cause them to dehydrate and eventually die. The powder’s sharp microscopic edges are responsible for this because they attack and destroy the internal organs of June bugs. 

Yes, it does sound a little cruel, but It’s either June bugs or our gardens. 

When choosing a DE for pest control, always go with food-grade DE. It’s proven safe to use around small children and pets and, at the same time, it will destroy these notorious bugs.

Don’t worry, this ingredient isn’t pricey. I got mine at Home Depot last year and I paid around $10 for 4 pounds. That’s actually a pretty good deal since you won’t be using it daily. 

Well, I’ve revealed the secret ingredient, but I must warn you it won’t work unless you get the timing and application right.

This Is When And How You Should Use It

When it comes to pests, including June bugs, I always say we must be one step ahead of them. Your main goal is to use DE in late May or early June

If you act any later, they could already start laying their eggs. You need to break their life cycle before they turn into destructive grubs.  

The essential thing to understand is that DE will work only if you apply it in dry conditions!

Rain ruins its ability to destroy June bugs, so checking the forecast should be your priority. Therefore, opt for a 24 to 48-hour window of dry conditions. I always apply DE just after mowing my lawn and removing all the thatch

Always wear protective gear (a respiratory mask and safety goggles) when applying DE. It can quickly irritate your eyes and airways so better safe than sorry!

I use a garden duster for DE but you can scatter it with your hands.

Another way to use DE for June bugs is in the form of a spray. You’ll need about 4 tablespoons of DE and a gallon of water. Mix it until you get a sticky substance and then spray it over your garden.

One more thing, DE works best if applied weekly for about a month. You don’t want June bugs to come back, so reapplication is your ally. And if it rains after you apply it, simply wait until the soil dries and apply again

A June bug-free garden sounds like a dream, and it’s possible with the help of amazing Diatomaceous Earth! Don’t back down; victory is just around the corner!