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Got Roses For Women’s Day? Use Them To Grow Completely New Plants!

Got Roses For Women’s Day? Use Them To Grow Completely New Plants!

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New propagation methods come about all the time, and one of them is growing roses from aloe!

If you’ve just got a bouquet of roses for Women’s Day, then you could save one and use its cutting to grow a brand-new rose plant. But what’s aloe got to do with it?

Well, an aloe cutting can serve as a natural rooting hormone, protecting your new rose from diseases and encouraging root development. 

Let’s learn how you can create your own blooming garden with this easy method. 

How To Grow Roses From Aloe

Step 1: Grab a rose, cut the top off, and trim all the leaves. 

Step 2: Make a 45-degree angle cut on the bottom of the rose stem. 

Step 3: Get an aloe plant and cut off the leaves.

Step 4: Cut off a small piece of aloe that is about one inch long. 

Step 5: Grab a pot with soil appropriate for growing roses.

Step 6: Stick the rose cutting inside of the aloe cutting and then gently plant it in the soil. 

You could also plant roses in tomato slices and watch the magic happen

How It Works

The cutting is going to grow a whole new rose, but how? 

Well, it is because the gel in aloe leaves acts as a natural rooting hormone. So, instead of spending money on powdery rooting hormones that might contain toxic chemicals, just use your beloved Aloe plant! 

The gel will do exactly what a rooting powder does – it will protect the cutting from all sorts of diseases and encourage root development.  

Once you’ve started noticing new growth, provide the young plant with the best growing conditions for roses i.e., plenty of sunlight and moderate watering

And the next time you get a bouquet of roses, consider using this propagation method and see if it works!