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Man Transforms His Home Depot Light Panels Into Fake Windows, And The Results Are Shocking

Man Transforms His Home Depot Light Panels Into Fake Windows, And The Results Are Shocking

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Are you struggling to grow plants because your room feels like a dark cave? Me too. 

I always wanted to fill my room with gorgeous houseplants, but it is positioned in a way that is almost impossible for natural sunlight to come in (and sunlight is one of the most essential elements for healthy plant growth).

But then a TikTok user called @tylermclongtowe solved all my dilemmas (and boy did he give me some awesome ideas!).

In a hilarious yet genius video, Tyler shares his quest to bring life to his windowless dining room and rescue his beloved indoor plants (and his “will to live,” as he jokes!). With zero natural light, he knew he had to get creative.

Here Comes The Most Realistic Fake View Ever

Using a picture frame and some LED light strips, Tyler wanted to create his very own “fake interior window” that not only adds a cool glow to the room but also provides the perfect spot for his plants to thrive. 

Source: TikTok

However, this project didn’t quite turn out as expected because the light couldn’t protect his plants. 

So, during another adventure at a Home Depot, Tyler’s boyfriend stumbled upon the Metalux 2 ft. x 4 ft. White Integrated LED Dimmable Flat Panel Light, priced at $109. 

This sleek lighting panel promises glare-free, shadow-free illumination, perfect for any indoor environment. With its scratch-resistant design and customizable wattages, it’s a perfect choice for brightening up your space just the way you like it.

To complete the project, they grabbed a wire harness and a picture wire hanging kit for mounting the panels on the wall. Adding curtains and trim molding gave their faux windows an extra touch of realism! 

Over a year later, their plants are still thriving in their newfound light-filled haven, and guests are none the wiser – they’re convinced the panels are the real deal! 

Tyler even treated his followers to a before-and-after video tour, showcasing their flourishing plants in their brightly-lit sanctuary. ​​And let me tell you, those plants were living their best life! The transformation was truly something amazing!

While grow lights and natural sunlight typically are the absolute best for plant growth, LED lights can also do the trick (depending on their brightness and color spectrum).

People commenting on Tyler’s video have pointed out that similar panels can be found at both IKEA and Lowe’s, and one even suggested checking with local electrical distributors for potentially lower prices than those offered by chain retailers. 

It’s a brilliant yet budget-friendly way to brighten up any space that’s lacking in light. 

I’m definitely going to take Tyler’s advice and give this a shot for my plants – they deserve all the love and care! 

And what are your thoughts on this method? Do you think it’ll work? If you decide to give it a try, feel free to share your experience with me. Let’s go on this plant-growing adventure together. 🌱💡

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