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This Simple Hack Will Keep Your Houseplants Watered Even If You Are Gone For Days

This Simple Hack Will Keep Your Houseplants Watered Even If You Are Gone For Days

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Ever come back home from a trip only to find your beloved houseplants wilting from thirst? I know that feeling all too well! 

I remember I once left for a short trip to Florida, and when I came back, my orchids were starting to droop. Luckily, I got back just in time to save them.

So, being away for even just a few days can leave your plants in a sorry state, and it’s heartbreaking to see them suffer.

Don’t worry because I’ve got just the solution to keep your green friends hydrated, even when you’re away. This simple hack has saved my plants countless times, and now I’m excited to share it with you!

The Trick Is So Simple, Yet So Effective

When you’re traveling far from home, leaving your plants unattended isn’t an option – they’ll wither and perish without water. And if you can’t find anyone to help with watering while you’re away, what’s the solution?

Here’s a simple trick to keep your houseplants watered while you’re away: start by plugging the drain in your bathtub and filling it with about 2 to 3 inches of water from the tap. 

Then, grab some towels (even old ones will work) and lay them on the surface of the water. Let the towels soak up the water for a few minutes. 

Once they’re damp enough, place your houseplants on top of the towels. That’s all there is to it! 

So, instead of hiring professionals or asking someone to water your plants while you’re gone, do this simple, yet effective trick!

This works because plants will have enough water to absorb whilst you’re gone. What also helps is keeping them in the same place; this way, you create a humid environment that helps them stay hydrated longer. 

Please remember, this trick will only keep your plants watered for about a week. 

In case you plan to be away for longer, it’s a good idea to ask a neighbor or friend for help

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Try These Alternative Solutions If You Don’t Own A Bathtub

You don’t own a bathtub, what to do now?! 

Don’t worry, there are always some simple solutions; for instance, you can use your sink or even larger containers. 

If you are dealing with large plants that won’t fit into a sink or large container, you have to find another way to keep them hydrated. 

One solution is using a watering stake – they usually last for one to two weeks, depending on the sunlight and the size of the plant. 

However, I would still recommend you try these before leaving for a trip to avoid unnecessary issues. 

If your plants don’t like watering stakes, you could also try using a watering globe or a bottle. My sister used this for her Monstera plants and she absolutely loved it! 

Watering globes are super easy to use: all you have to do is fill it up with water and then stick it in the soil. Then, the water will be released gradually into the soil. 

Just like with the watering sticks, you should also test these tools before you go (marking it to see if the water has been released helped my sister a lot!). 

For more information, check out this super useful video:

And that’s all folks!

Instead of spending time on your vacation worrying about your thirsty plants, just use some of these methods to keep them healthy and alive! 

The bathtub trick worked like a charm for me, but these other alternatives are also trustworthy.

Most plants are tougher than you think. However, it’s always better to avoid underwatering issues than to treat them later on. 

Please let me know if you used any of these methods and share how they worked for you! 

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