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This Gardening Hack For Removing Unwanted Plants Is A Game Changer

This Gardening Hack For Removing Unwanted Plants Is A Game Changer

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A Smith’s Gardentown nursery shared a simple hack on TikTok for uprooting weeds and unwanted plants from your garden with a simple household tool. 

The profile they have on TikTok shares all the ins and outs of gardening, from plant care and tree recommendations to beneficial bugs and pest control.

The Pliers

The video explains that you can simply use pliers to uproot weeds and pesky plants, eliminating the need for a host of gardening tools.

Wait until it rains for the soil to soften and you can pull the whole sapling up because the ground is so saturated. Comes right out of the ground, says the creator.

The creator recommends composting the uprooted plants.

The Benefits

This hack is perfect for those who have unwanted tree saplings sprouting in their herb gardens or amidst their roses. 

That root is 18 inches long and comes right out of the ground, comments the creator after removing a hackberry from his garden.

You can save money as you won’t have to buy extra gardening supplies just to remove deep-rooted plants and it’s much easier than having to dig up your entire yard.

And if there’s not enough rainfall to moisten the soil, you can just water the plants and put your pliers to work.

Besides, this method is 100% safe for the environment as you’re not using any synthetic herbicides that might leach chemicals into the soil and underground waters.

Finally, if you follow the example in the video and compost the weeds and saplings, you’ll create your own fertilizer. It’s more eco-friendly and you’ll save some money along the way.

The Reactions

@smithsgardentown I bet you never thought about using pliers in the garden until today. 🌱 #pliars #gardenhack #gardening #landscaping #saplings #gardensuperstore #gardening101 #HBDDashRemit #Regula503020 ♬ Countless – Official Sound Studio

User reactions were priceless and they revealed just how many people were waiting for advice like this.

Aaaaand this is what I’ll be doing later this morning 😁Thanks for the tip!, one platform user said.

Another commented, oh that’s so smart. I try with my hands and just end up with sore fingers.Note to self, buy pliers after work for silk trees and scrub oaks 😅, another user added.