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Help Your Rose Bush Produce Enormous Flowers With One Kitchen Ingredient

Help Your Rose Bush Produce Enormous Flowers With One Kitchen Ingredient

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I’m sure many rose plant parents will agree with me when I say that these plants can be finicky over growing conditions. 

Even if you meet all their requirements, the blooms may not be as enormous as they should be. 

I have great news for you; you can help your rose bush produce enormous flowers with one kitchen ingredient!

Let’s see!

The Magic Ingredient

I know you’ll be surprised when you hear this: the magic ingredient is…banana! Well, banana peel to be precise. 

Banana peels have been used as fertilizer for a long time and they can help rose bush blossoms to reach their full potential.

These fruits contain potassium and this nutrient will keep roses healthy and less prone to diseases

But that’s not the only beneficial nutrient bananas possess; they also contain magnesium, calcium, sulfur, and phosphates

How To Use Banana Peels For Roses

There are actually many ways to use banana peels for these flowering plants. The first one is to bury whole peels at the base of your rose bushes. Growers claim that this method works well even if your roses are still young. 

The second method is to chop the peels and add them around the plant’s base. 

Finally, you can make a liquid fertilizer with your banana peels. I make banana tea for my plants by putting the peels in a container, adding water, and closing the lid. The tea takes about 10 days to be ready for application. 

I never use the full concentration of banana tea but rather dilute it in water before applying it. 

That’s it! If you already grow roses in your garden or plan on adding some, banana peels will help you get the biggest blooms you could ever imagine!