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How Often To Change Water In A Vase Of Flowers To Make Them Last Longer

How Often To Change Water In A Vase Of Flowers To Make Them Last Longer

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We all like to adorn our homes with fresh bouquets of colorful flowers; however, the only downside is that they don’t last that long. 

Keeping your vase of flowers fresh and vibrant involves more than just choosing the right blooms. The water in your vase plays a crucial role in their longevity! 

For best results, aim to change the water in your flower vase every two days. This keeps your vessel clean and your flowers fresh.

In this article, we are going to share some extra tips on keeping your vase flowers looking fresh for longer. Stay tuned to learn more about this! 

Best Tips On Changing The Water In A Vase Of Flowers

Don’t disrupt your bouquet – when changing water, gently place the stems on a table or hold the bouquet in your hand whilst emptying the vase. Additionally, you can prepare an empty vase on the side to hold the flowers.

Pour all the water out of the vase and use a soft, damp cloth to get rid of any dirt or bacteria build up from the stems. 

Use clean water to refill the vase until two thirds of it are full. 

Take your garden scissors and make diagonal cuts on each stem – when you take the stems out of the vase, they will heal and continue to feed on the flower head. 

When placed back into the moisture, they’ll struggle to take up water, which comprises the health and longevity of the flowers. Plus, the soft end will be removed, which will prevent bacteria growing in the vase. Freshly cut stems will be able to absorb moisture and last longer. 

Make vertical cuts in woody stems, such as lilac, viburnum, or blooming branches, to optimize water intake and surface area. 

Put your cut stems back into the vase and they’ll continue to thrive for many days to come. 

Never let the water get cloudy in the vase because it is often a sign of a bacteria buildup and the stems might begin to decompose. 

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