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3 Best Ways To Attract Owls To Your Yard And Enjoy Their Magical Hooting

3 Best Ways To Attract Owls To Your Yard And Enjoy Their Magical Hooting

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Owls are indeed magical creatures, no matter if it’s the tiny elf species or the magnificent great gray owl. Many of us haven’t had the pleasure of seeing these birds in the wild. 

Their hooting during the night intrigues many people, but they also aren’t aware of the role these creatures play in our yards. Rodents and insects can cause serious damage in our yards and owls will quickly take care of them. 

Additionally, making a wildlife-friendly habitat is something everyone should strive for. 

But why owls? Aren’t there other animals that do the same thing? Well, there are, but owls are in danger and their habitat is being destroyed, so the least we can do is to make our yards owl-friendly. 

I’ll show you the 3 best ways to attract owls to your yard; it will contribute to the ecosystem, you’ll get rid of pests, and be able to enjoy the mysterious hooting that fills the night air.

Let’s get started!

1. Make Them A Shelter

Owls have preferred spots where they’ll create their nests. This includes tree hollows, rock crevices, or stolen hawk nests. Well, we can’t really offer them such a habitat. 

But it’s not uncommon for these creatures to find their homes in nest boxes on trees in yards. 

So to make a shelter for owls, you can purchase these nest boxes and attach them to your tree, making sure there’s a branch near the entry of the box. This allows the owls to enter and exit their nest easily.

The essential thing to consider when choosing the perfect nest box to attract owls is the size. There are various owl species, so you’ll need to research the ones found in your particular region.

Those who have more trees in their gardens can create a perfect habitat for these adorable birds. If there are any dead trees that are in the process of decomposition, don’t remove them from your yard because they can also attract owls.

2. Turn Off Outdoor Lights

Owls are mainly seen during the nighttime because they prefer a darker environment. So, it’s not a surprising fact that lights in yards deter owls and disrupt their behavior

If you want to create an owl-friendly yard, you should turn off your outdoor lights. However, if, for some reason, you need lights, you should go with motion-activated lights or dimmer switches.

These lights won’t disturb owls as much as regular ones would.

3. Provide Them With Food

These birds are classified as predators and their favorite foods are rodents, such as voles and mice. Some of you may already have these pests in your yards, so owls will most likely come by; just employ the techniques described above. 

If you don’t have issues with rodents, you can attract these pests to create an owl-friendly yard. This may seem contradictory because no one wants to attract pests.

However, you should remember that owls will feed on these pests, so there’s no need to worry about invasion. So, leave some wood piles, tall grasses, and leaf litter in your yard; rodents won’t be able to resist paying a visit.

If you decide on this method, you should be very careful and not use any rodenticides. Remember that these products contain chemicals and if the owl eats a poisoned rodent, it will die.

Owls aren’t dangerous creatures and the only rule is not to approach them in the wild because they may feel under threat and become aggressive. However, the chances they’ll attack you in your yard if they find a home there are really, really low. 

These creatures have so many benefits for the ecosystem and the least we can do is create a friendly environment. The tips I gave you above can also help you attract orioles, cardinals, and other beneficial birds.