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Learn How To Care For Mistletoe Indoors! 

Learn How To Care For Mistletoe Indoors! 

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Known for its symbolic significance and romantic allure, mistletoe has been a timeless Christmas tradition that brings a joyful experience during the festive season for a long time! 

But how do you care for this iconic symbol indoors?

Don’t worry, it isn’t anything that complicated. We are going to share some useful tips on how to care for mistletoe indoors. So, whether you’re a plant pro or just getting started, let’s make your home merry with mistletoe! 

1. Keep It Nice And Fresh

Once you’ve brought your mistletoe home, it’s important to keep it in a cool place with good air circulation. Avoid putting it in direct sunlight because then it might dry out quicker. 

Treat your mistletoe like any other plant – don’t put it close to a space heater or any drafty windows. Regular misting helps keep your mistletoe hydrated and healthy. 

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2. Harvest It Carefully

This unusual plant spreads its seeds with bird droppings. Then, they root where they land, usually into the cambium of trees. They use trees as hosts to store nutrients and energy that they need for forming ball-shaped clusters

But if you grow your own mistletoe, this means that you’ll have to climb up trees to get it, which can be pretty dangerous. 

Some folks hire a climbing arborist, but others don’t even bother to harvest it but simply go buy some because it’s cheaper. You can also order it online, though it’s better to buy it in person. Buy those that have firm berries and bright, green leaves.

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3. Don’t Forget Its Toxic 

Please keep in mind that mistletoe is toxic. Don’t let your kids or pets use it as a snack! 

Wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly when dealing with mistletoe. Some of the poisonous berries may drop to the ground when it dries out. Clean those up as soon as possible! 

Most plants used for holiday decorations are toxic. Be mindful when adding them to table arrangements and warn everyone about them. 

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