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How To Get A Plaid Lawn: The Secret Of English Gardens

How To Get A Plaid Lawn: The Secret Of English Gardens

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The timeless beauty of an English garden is reflected in meticulous details and patterns. Plaid lawns are a sort of trademark of these gardens and add an exquisite touch to their allure.

If you’re wondering how to get a plaid lawn, you’re in the right place. It’s not as hard to achieve as many believe but you need proper instructions. And that’s exactly what I’ll show you in this article!

Well, let’s make your lawn fit for a king!

Steps For Mowing A Lawn With A Plaid Pattern

Believe it or not, the secret of getting a plaid lawn isn’t the type of mower or the level of experience the lawn owner has. Of course, these things also contribute, but the key lies in the perfect lawn striping kit

Therefore, your journey should start with getting this equipment. 

The kit you select may need you to add some sand to the roller so that it gets heavier. The grass blades will bend more easily and allow you to create a stronger visual contrast this way. 

The first thing you need to do is mow the stripe in a straight line, making sure it’s parallel to a path in your yard. 

After you get to the edge of your lawn, turn the mower and create another line in the opposite direction. This is how you get light and dark stripes

Those who aim for a crisscross pattern should use the same procedure but mow the lines across the ones that have already been made

That’s it! The only thing you need to do now is enjoy the view!

Safety Measures And Alternatives For Lawn Striping

There are a couple of things to be careful about when creating this pattern on your lawn. The first and most important is to not cut wet grass

There are actually many reasons for this. The first one is that it can clog the mower and cause issues in your Kubota Zero Turn or any other type you use. Mowers can also slip due to a sloped lawn and put your life in danger. 

Wet grass can also be diseased because pathogens thrive in moisture, and you can quickly spread infection when mowing. 

The second thing to pay attention to is mowing height. If the height isn’t suitable, your grass can become stressed and damaged. 

You should make a mowing schedule; the grass growth rate and the type you grow should help you determine the perfect schedule. 

If you want to keep the plaid pattern, you should slightly overlap the rows, but make sure it’s only by a few inches. 

And don’t leave any grass clippings on the lawn because it affects the overall appearance. Don’t dispose of them; there are actually many ways to reuse grass clippings!

Homemade Lawn Striping Kit

There’s an alternative to store-bought striping kits. You can take a 3-inch PVC pipe and fill it with sand or gravel. Make sure the pipe can slot between the wheels of your mower!

Here’s a tutorial on how to make it: 

If you want to spice things up, you can use different patterns, such as double striping or circle patterns. The sky’s the limit!