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This Simple Trick Will Silence The Cicada Symphony And Restore Peace In Your Yard

This Simple Trick Will Silence The Cicada Symphony And Restore Peace In Your Yard

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Are you ready for the summer symphony of cicadas? Or maybe not so much? 

If you’re anything like me, you love the warm weather vibes but could go without the cicada melody that comes along with it. 

As much as I appreciate nature’s chorus, sometimes a little peace and quiet in the garden is all we crave, am I right? 

You don’t have to necessarily harm them (we don’t want that!); instead, consider trying this simple trick to dial down the volume on those chirping cicadas and enjoy a noise-free garden!

The Secret Is In Eliminating Their Landing Spot 

Carpenter, the president at Black Pest prevention, has a clever solution for protecting the young trees and shrubs in your garden (since these are cicadas’ favorite snacks). 

He says it’s all about superhero capes for your baby trees! Okay, maybe not capes, but a mesh shield with tiny 1/4-inch cells will do the trick. 

Here’s the most important thing to look out for: when installing the mesh, don’t leave any gaps! 

Wrap it snugly around the entire canopy of your precious plants, making sure it touches the ground on all sides. For extra security, anchor it down with stakes to keep those sneaky cicadas from slipping underneath.

And don’t forget to check and maintain the mesh regularly to keep your plants safe from those pesky cicadas all season long!

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Do Some Preventative Work For Your Home, Too 

How about having a peaceful afternoon drink in the yard instead of battling an army of winged invaders? The bug guru over at Viking Pest Control says – it is mission POSSIBLE! 

Forget about using pesticides. They’re about as effective as trying to stop a​​ freight train with a feather. Plus, you risk harming your friendly neighborhood bugs if you spray those chemicals. 

Even though they’re like toddlers determined to get their hands in the cookie jar, the silver lining is: they’re tree-huggers! In other words, they’re unlikely to invade indoors. 

Still, it’s a good idea to fortify your fortress (aka your home) by sealing up any sneaky entry points.

Beware, Folks, This Year Might Be The Cicada Olympics

There are two types of these buzzing bugs: the yearly party-goers known as annual cicadas, and the long-awaited guests, periodical cicadas

The annual crew makes their grand entrance every year, usually showing up fashionably late in late spring or early summer. With their large, green bodies and mysterious dark eyes, they know how to make an impression.

The real celebrities are the periodical ones! 

They’re the ones who make headlines every 13 or 17 years, bursting onto the scene with their sparkling red eyes. We’re talking 15 different broods, each with its own Roman numeral. And this year, we’re in for a rare treat: a double brood extravaganza! 

For the first time since the 1800s, we’re getting not one, but two broods crashing the party together.

Here’s the lineup: Brood XIII, hailing from Northern Illinois and making pit stops in parts of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana. And then we’ve got Brood XIX, hitting the stage in a big way across 15 states from Alabama to Virginia.

Some might think this is a once-in-a-century event you don’t want to miss, while others wish it would never happen. If you’re among the latter (like I am), wrap your trees and do this simple solution to secure your peaceful summer. You’ll thank me later.

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