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How To Grow The Biggest Onions In Your Garden

How To Grow The Biggest Onions In Your Garden

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New gardening methods are going viral, and one just popped up about growing the biggest onions you’ll ever see!

Onions are beginner-friendly, making it easy to experiment with new methods and have fun in your garden. Don’t worry; you won’t run out of onions afterwards!

In this article, we are going to share the secrets to growing gigantic onions in your garden. Trust me, it’s super easy!

So, if you are ready, let’s dive in!

What You’ll Need

• Onion starts

• Gloves

• Trowel

• Fertilizer 

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What To Do

Start by digging out a trench with enough room on both sides. Then, fill it with organic fertilizer high in nitrogen and phosphorus. 

The goal is to get as many leaves as possible before your onion starts to bulb because each leaf adds one layer to your onion. 

Cover your trench up and lay your onions out 6 inches apart on both sides – don’t plant them too deep; you should only plant them an inch deep because this helps them to develop better bulbs. 

As they grow over the season, the roots will reach out and access all of the fertilizer you’ve added to your trench. The fertilizer will boost leaf growth, which will eventually add more layers to your onions. 

This way, you’re going to grow the biggest onions ever! 

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