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Easy Tips On Growing Spinach At Home Or In The Garden

Easy Tips On Growing Spinach At Home Or In The Garden

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Spinach is one of the best veggies to grow – it grows fast, doesn’t have any special growing requirements, and is super beneficial to our health. No matter if you are an experienced gardener or you are just starting out, spinach is a great option for everyone!

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to cultivate healthy and delicious spinach. With the right care, you’ll have a bountiful harvest of this nutritious green in no time.

Get ready to enjoy homegrown spinach right from your garden! 

How To Grow Vegetable Spinach In The Garden

The first thing you need to consider is time and location. Since spinach is a cool-season crop, it’s best to plant it in the fall or early spring. Spinach is a type of veggie that can adapt to both full sun and partial shade.

Before planting the seeds, you should prepare the soil. Spinach grows best in nutrient-rich soil that also drains well. Add compost or organic matter to improve soil fertility. 

Sow the seeds directly into the ground and space them about an inch apart. Cover them with half an inch of soil and gently pat them down. Water well afterwards and keep the soil moist consistently. 

You might even consider adding some spinach companion plants that will improve its growth. 

Once the seedlings have a couple of true leaves, thin them to allow enough space for the remaining plants to grow. For baby spinach, you can leave the plants closer together, but for mature plants, space them about 4-6 inches apart.

Spinach can be harvested at different stages. For baby spinach, pick the leaves when they’re young and tender, typically around 25-30 days after planting. For mature spinach, harvest the entire plant or pick the outer leaves as needed.

You could even consider adding some spinach companion plants that will improve its growth. 

How To Grow Spinach In Containers 

If you don’t have enough space in the garden, you can always grow spinach indoors

The key to growing veggies is getting them off to a good start. For spinach, choose the right variety and make sure that it grows in a rich, organic soil. The potting mix should consist of 60% normal garden soil and 40% organic compost – mix it well! 

Drainage is important, too. So, take a big pot with drainage holes in the bottom. Cover the holes with stones or gravel and fill it with the potting mix. Remove any lumps from the soil and make an even surface. 

Before sowing seeds, make sure that the potting mix is wet. The soil should be moist but not soggy at sowing time. 

Remember that the spinach seeds don’t store well, so you have to buy fresh seeds every year! 

Sprinkle the seeds on the potting mix. Avoid overlapping the seeds because it leads to overcrowding. Cover the seeds with a fine layer of potting mix. Water thoroughly with a gentle shower without disturbing the seeds. 

If you want your spinach to thrive, be sure to keep the pot in full sun. Also, water frequently to keep the potting mix a little moist at all times.  

After 10-12 days, you will notice that little seedlings have grown. You have to water them carefully since they are extremely delicate. Keep them in full sun but provide some shade if temperatures exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Fertilize it after 20-25 days with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. Spread the fertilizer around the base of the plant and gently work it into the soil. Water thoroughly immediately after fertilizing. 

Spinach can be harvested whenever you feel like it is ready. If you want the spinach to regrow again, cut it at the base and leave a bit of stem for it to regrow. 

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