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Get Ready To Transform Your Containers With Stunning Gladiolus Bulbs

Get Ready To Transform Your Containers With Stunning Gladiolus Bulbs

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Don’t miss out on growing colorful gladiolus flowers this season. If you think there’s no way you can fit them in because your garden isn’t that big, you’re wrong! You can do it another, even better way – by planting them in containers.

I had the same issue because my yard is also small, but I decided it was finally time for me to buy a container and try planting gladiolus. I must say, it was the best gardening decision I ever made!

Now, it’s your turn to let these blossoms become part of your garden! With these interesting tips and tricks, you’ll see how you can plant and grow lovely gladiolus flowers in containers.

Grab Your Containers, It’s Planting Time

Start planting right after the first frost. Once the sun is out, choose the largest container and place it in direct sunlight.

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Let’s move on to the next step! Take the bulbs and plant them three to four inches apart and six inches deep.

When you look at the bulbs, you’ll see they have two sides. For beginners, this might seem really scary. Well, you can stay calm because I’ve got you covered!

You don’t want to put bulbs upside down or on their side and risk them not growing! So, place the bulb’s pointy side up and the flat root side down in the hole. That’s all the work you need to do!

You can take a break now because the tricky part with bulbs is over. Cover them with soil and press hard with your hands. Who said that gardeners aren’t in good shape? Next in line is watering. Water them well, and with that, you’re finally done

Once you’ve finished watering, you can move on to the next step, which is growing the gladiolus. Are you excited?

Let’s See What You Need To Do To Grow Gladiolus Like a Pro Gardener!

I hope you’re not tired, because it’s time to gain some knowledge about growing gladiolus.

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  • Place them in full sun. This is one of the most important parts if you want these flowers to happily bloom in your garden.

Just be careful not to overexpose them because they can get sunburned. Make sure to provide gladiolus with a VIP spot in the sunny part of your garden.

  • Don’t forget to water. You should water them once a week. Just be careful not to wet the leaves. That’s a big no-no because it can lead to fungal diseases and slow growth.

Did you notice that the leaves of your gladiolus are turning yellow or brown? It doesn’t mean they want to be cool and keep up with new autumn fashion trends. It’s a sign that they are thirsty. That’s why you need to make sure that the soil isn’t dry.

  • Fertilize them. Phosphorus is their favorite type of fertilizer, and with its help, they will bloom like crazy. When you first plant these flowers, add compost to the soil. Repeat this when you see the gladiolus starting to show their beautiful colors.

Keep An Eye Out For Pests 

You’ll need to watch out for pests because it’s crucial for healthy gladiolus growth. To avoid pests, it’s best to plant healthy bulbs rather than those that are damaged or soft.

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Thrips and aphids can be quite persistent in sucking all the juices from your gladiolus. If you see silvery marks on the leaves, it means they have already settled on your flowers.

Insecticidal soap will be a real lifesaver for gladiolus. With this magical potion, you will drive them far away from the leaves.

Now you’re ready to make your garden shine with these wonderful plants. You’ve seen that the process of planting and growing them isn’t difficult at all. All you need is time, love, and to give your plants some good care.

I’ve been enjoying watching them in my garden, and can’t wait for another season. I almost forgot to mention their irresistible sweet scent. And soon, you’ll be able to experience that too!