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4 Easy-To-Follow Steps For Repotting Succulents 

4 Easy-To-Follow Steps For Repotting Succulents 

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Repotting succulents is like giving them a fresh start, ensuring they thrive and look their best. 

For starters, you have to be sure that your succulents need repotting – look for signs, such as roots peeking out the drainage holes and succulent leaves tipping over. Even soil drying out too quickly is a sign that your succulent needs a new home! 

In this guide, we’ll explore the simple steps to repot your succulents, offering them a cozy new home for continued growth. 

Let’s get started! 

1. Be Gentle

If you have taken good care of your houseplants, at some point they’ll need a bigger pot as they continue to grow and thrive. 

Handling them with care, especially when repotting, is of the utmost importance because their delicate roots can easily be damaged. 

Gently tease apart any tangled roots and make sure not to rip them in the process, which is a common succulent mistake that most gardeners make. 

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2. Use The Right Container

You can’t just pick and choose any container for your plant, no matter how cute they look. Drainage is something that should be first on the list when considering the pot for your succulent. 

Therefore, you should get a new pot that has drainage holes in the bottom – if your succulent needs more space, then you should get a new container that is slightly larger than your current one. 

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3. Make Sure That The Soil Is Good

When repotting, shake off the old soil and put your succulent plant in a pot with fresh soil. Use a well-draining soil that is designed specifically for succulents – these usually contain peat and coarse sand. 

You can look for them at your garden center or on Amazon (this one available on Amazon does wonders!). 

4. Avoid Watering Right Away

The usual practice when repotting houseplants is to water them generously after they’ve been placed in a new container. However, that’s not the case with succulents. 

In fact, you should wait for a couple of days after the plant has been repotted because it needs time to adjust to the new environment. 
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