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If You Have Some Wooden Pallets, This Is How You Can Use Them To Make A Stunning Backyard Deck

If You Have Some Wooden Pallets, This Is How You Can Use Them To Make A Stunning Backyard Deck

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Wooden decks look amazing in backyards plus they’re functional. The reasons why all homeowners don’t have these in their yards is because of the costs of deck installation, the need for professionals, complex engineering, well, the list goes on and on.

Guess what? There is an alternative and it’s on the cheap side! Good old wooden pallets have been used for many DIY projects and a backyard deck is one of them.

You’ll need some time and patience, but it’s worth it since you’ll get a functional deck you can use immediately and also quickly uninstall and move around. 

Let’s transform free wooden pallets into a stunning backyard deck!

Prepare The Pallets

You can find pallets literally everywhere. They offer excellent support for weight limits with robust construction.

There are 2 options when it comes to wooden pallets; you can either go with recycled ones available in warehouses and shipping companies or buy new pallets from manufacturers.

When collecting the pallets, you need to pay attention to a few things. First, the pallets you’re gonna use for decks shouldn’t be damaged or have any flaws

Also, be careful and inspect the pallets for any pests, and never use any pallets with moisture damage. The wood will be too weak and won’t make a good construction material. 

Prepare The Ground

The first thing you need to do when starting this project is create a flat surface. The best material for this purpose is sand

You can also use materials such as cinder or half blocks, which will serve as an anchor and offer stability to prevent shifting.

Wood is generally susceptible to mold and rot and the easiest way to avoid it when creating a wooden pallet deck is by raising the deck slightly above the ground

Some builders take it even further and connect the pallets using screws. Over time the deck may shift slightly and this method will prevent this.

Don’t worry, it’s easy to uninstall this construction if your wooden deck needs transportation in the future. 

Customize The Pallets

At this point, you can decide if you want to leave the pallets visible or add other types of wood panels over the top

The first reason to use wood panels over the pallets is to get a more polished look. The second reason is there might be too much distance between pallet slats, especially if they were not in good condition. 

If the pallets have narrow gaps there are some excellent ways to make them more aesthetically pleasing. You can arrange them in alternate directions to get a stunning patterned appearance. 

Alternatively, put a small rug in the center and add a chair and a small table.  

Painting your new deck can help you decorate it and will also serve as protection from moisture. Your deck will be more resistant and consequently last longer

Why Use Wooden Pallets For Decks?

As mentioned, decks may cost you a fortune, especially if you have more complex designs in mind. Wooden pallets are really cheap when compared to other construction materials and the best thing is that they won’t cost you a dime in most cases. 

Many retail stores are actually happy when someone takes away a few pallets because it can be hard to find a place to store them all. 

The entire project won’t cost you more than $150 which is, you have to admit, way lower than hiring a company to do it for you! 

You’re not limited to using pallets for decks near your house; you can use them as a freestanding deck and put them anywhere in your yard. 

If there are some wooden pallets left after the project, you can use them for other purposes, such as making a cucumber trellis

Wooden pallets are always welcome in our yards!