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Water Your Easter Cactus The Right Way

Water Your Easter Cactus The Right Way

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With the Easter holidays approaching, it’s time to turn your festive mode on! 

Bring out all the decorations, including holiday plants and flowers. And what’s a better plant for Easter than the infamous Easter cactus?

This undemanding houseplant is perfect for beginner gardeners and those with busy schedules. It is a bit different from regular cactuses since it originates from tropical regions, but this is what makes this plant even more interesting! 

Since we are talking about a tropical plant, its watering schedule might be a bit different than for other cactus plants. Keep reading to learn the basics about irrigating your Easter cactus. 

Let’s get started! 

The Easter Cactus Is Different Than Your Regular Cactus

You should know that the Easter cactus is not your regular desert cactus – these plants originate from tropical regions, which means that they require more moisture than other cacti. 

They grow in tropical rainforests, where they grow on moss-covered trees and rocks, which means that they don’t grow well in normal cactus potting mix

I would suggest you grow your Easter cactus in a potting soil that can retain moisture – soil amendments like pumice, coco coir, and some compost or leaf mold do wonders! 

Easter cacti thrive in cooler temperatures and humidity, unlike their drought-loving counterparts. 

So, let’s figure out how much moisture these festive plants need! 

How Often To Water Your Easter Cactus

Watering an Easter cactus is similar to watering a Christmas cactus since they both originate from similar regions.

Easter cacti should generally be watered every 1 to 3 weeks; but this rule is not applicable to everyone. Different factors determine the watering schedule, like soil, humidity, and temperature, among other things. 

What you should do is examine the soil before watering – if the potting mix of your Easter cactus is dry, go ahead and water it. If not, postpone watering for a couple of days. 

Knowing how to water your cactus plants will prevent overwatering, which is a serious issue that can lead to rotting. It’s always better to leave it underwatered than to overwater it.  

Water More Frequently During Blooming

You’ll have to follow the right watering schedule, especially if your Easter cactus is in bloom

Once your cactus is in bloom, you’ll have to take it up a notch and water more frequently. This is done because emerging buds suck the soil and leave it bone dry. 

Still, you should follow what we recommended earlier – let the soil dryness be your guide! 

3 Factors Affecting Watering Schedule

Not all cactus plants will require the same amount of water – their location, type of container, and growing medium determine the watering schedule for the Easter cactus. 

Here’s how these seemingly regular things affect the watering frequency of your cactus!

1. Location

Where you put your Easter cactus plays an important role in the watering schedule. 

For instance, if you place it in a warm environment with low humidity, then you’ll have to water it more. On the other hand, cooler places with high humidity and lower light conditions mean that you shouldn’t water your cactus as frequently. 

Avoid keeping it near draft locations such as old windows, doors you often use, AC vents, etc.; but also don’t keep it near space heaters or radiators. 

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2. Pot Size

If your Easter cactus has already grown big and strong, you’ll need to repot it into a larger planter. You might think that the watering schedule stays the same, but that’s far from the truth. 

In fact, you should water it more frequently because there’s more growing medium that needs to be moist. 

Still, always check if the medium has dried before irrigating it! 

3. Growing Medium

The growing medium probably plays the biggest part when it comes to watering cactuses. 

Your Easter cactus will thrive in soil that retains moisture – this way, you won’t even have to water it as frequently. 

A mix of coco coir, compost, and similar soil amendments will make a solid foundation for your cactus. 

How To Water The Easter Cactus

The best way to water your festive plant is to pour water into the soil and stop when you notice that it is draining through the drainage holes in the bottom. 

If you have a saucer underneath the sink, you can do this in the pot or over the sink.

It’s important that you don’t leave this cactus in standing water because it can easily get root rot; allow it to drain for 15 minutes before putting it back in its regular spot. 

Some gardeners practice bottom watering – simply fill the tray with water and wait for about 10 minutes – if the soil is moist, remove excess water from the tray; if not, wait until the water is absorbed and the soil feels moist. 

Bonus Tip: Increase The Humidity

We’ve mentioned that these Easter cacti come from tropical regions with higher humidity. So, if you boost humidity in your home, your plant will be glowing and thriving!

Easter cacti grow well in relative air moisture levels of around 50-60%. Dehydration, discoloration, and flower drop are caused by low humidity levels. 

You can take it up a notch by investing in a humidifier, or you can use different humidity boosters, such as a pebble tray.  

Water Properly To Keep Your Cactus Happy 

Watering is key to a healthy and happy Easter cactus, but it’s not the only requirement found on the cactus plant care guide. You need to do other things that will help it bloom and grow. 

Pruning an Easter cactus is an important part of its plant care. Also, fertilization shouldn’t be overlooked because it encourages flowering. 

Don’t worry, your cactus is not needy and will be satisfied with these few simple things. Remember to water it when needed, and you and your plant will be happy! 

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