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These 4 Good-Looking Ground Covers Will Be the Perfect Match For Hydrangeas

These 4 Good-Looking Ground Covers Will Be the Perfect Match For Hydrangeas

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Hydrangeas are among the most beautiful decorations you can have in your garden! Their colorful flowers will bloom throughout the summer season. 

A few years ago, after I planted them, something seemed off. They looked so lonely and annoying weeds were all over my poor babies! I finally realized I had forgotten about their cheerful companions – ground cover plants.

By inviting their besties to the garden, you’ll definitely help them grow even better. Now, let’s see the list of guests who are welcome to join your Hydrangea party!

#1 Make A Fauna And Flora World In Your Garden With Red Clovers

The first words of their name starts with ‘red,’ but these plants have adorable purple colors. How ironic, right? But that’s not the only interesting thing about them! Red clovers will complement hydrangeas perfectly because they help protect them from weeds

Not only that, but clover is rich in nitrogen, which is necessary for the growth of hydrangeas’ colorful flowers.

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They produce delicious nectar, which attracts your favorite pollinators! When put together, these two besties will enjoy being pollinated every day! 

If you’re a passionate farmer, then use clover to feed your cows, because it’s their favorite treat! This tiny plant can be incredibly useful. You can even harvest some leaves to make tea, just be careful not to upset the hydrangeas!

#2 Create Jungle Vibes With Japanese Forest Grass 

Just imagine the greenery display your yard will get if you plant Japanese Forest Grass!

Your empty space will be filled with fascinating leaves spreading around the garden. It will look like you have a carpet made of emeralds in your yard!

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They are made for each other because hydrangeas’ tall flowers will provide them with shade, which is great because their long leaves can easily be burned in the sun. They will actually be little parasols for the grass during hot summer days!

#3 Bring Zen To Your Garden With Catmint

The purple tones of catmint flowers will fit perfectly with your hydrangeas! Their flowers will add a nice touch to your cocktails. Just pick some leaves, throw them in, and let the party begin!

Credit: Pinterest

Catmint will introduce a beautiful lemony-minty scent to your garden every day. This plant is a real stress reliever and will bring a feeling of calmness to your plants. If there are any disagreements between Hydrangeas and Catmint, they will solve it in a peaceful way! 

#4 Besides Colorful Flowers, Blue Grass Is Also On The Friends List

Hydrangeas will adore the company of icy blue grass! Both plants are cared for in the same way. That’s why it’s a great opportunity to plant them next to each other! 

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It gives your garden an aesthetic look that will catch every passerby’s eye. These cuties go together like peanut butter and jelly!

With just these four friends, you will make hydrangeas the happiest flowers ever! I now enjoy the most beautiful view without weeds, all thanks to these faithful companions!

Don’t be strict. Let them hang out in your garden!