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11 Captivating Indoor Grass Plants

11 Captivating Indoor Grass Plants

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When someone mentions the word houseplant, I’m sure many of you think of plants with broad and large leaves. Common houseplants, such as Philos, Monsteras, or Calatheas do have such foliage. 

While they make an excellent addition to interior design, those who would like to add more of a jungle vibe to their home should choose other plants. 

Nothing will fulfill this role better than indoor grass plants. From spectacular ornamental grasses to the magnificent grass-like foliage of spider plants, these plants will add a special touch of beauty to your indoor space. 

Let’s get started!

1. Ornamental Grasses

If you want to add a unique touch to your interior design, ornamental grasses are the perfect choice. They feature feathery blades that develop into an arching form. 

The colors may vary from species to species, so if you want to add a silverish-blue tone, then Blue Fescue is the best plant for you. 

For red or purple hues, go with Red Switchgrass or Purple Fountain Grass

2. Lemon Grass

The elongated, narrow, and arching foliage of Lemongrass makes this plant perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces.   

It’s not fussy over the growing conditions and you can keep it happy and healthy even if you’re a beginner grower. 

The best thing about Lemongrass is that it has an amazing scent, so it will make your home even more appealing. 

3. Palm Grass

Well, if you want to add a tropical touch to your indoor space using grass plants, Palm grass will do the best job. 

The leaves are ridged and resemble those of palm trees, hence the name. Even though this species doesn’t have a typical grass appearance, its upright growth habit gives such a vibe.

4. Lilyturf

Lilyturf is a common outdoor plant and is frequently used as a no-mow lawn alternative. But what many growers don’t know is that this grass-like perennial also makes an excellent indoor plant.

The deep green foliage of the lilyturf develops into clumps, making it stand out. It’s super-easy to maintain and a perfect choice for novice gardeners.

5. Mondo Grass

Mondo grass is one of the most popular grass alternatives for outdoor spaces. But due to its slender, almost black leaves, it makes a perfect choice for an indoor setting. 

Don’t confuse mondo grass with monkey grass when purchasing because these two terms are used interchangeably but the plants are different. 

The dark, blade-like foliage will combine perfectly with plants that feature bright green leaves. 

6. Wheatgrass

The breathtaking, blade-like leaves of wheatgrass will add a special touch of beauty to your indoor space. 

If you like the look of a fresh lawn, you can have the same feeling whenever you see your wheatgrass. Narrow and upright leaves look like a freshly mowed and manicured lawn!

7. Sedge

Sedge plants are renowned for their beautiful narrow and arching foliage that comes in various colors. You can find it in bronze, different shades of green, and some are variegated.

The leaves resemble grass blades and will turn your indoor space into a meadow-like oasis.

8. Spider Plant

Spider plants are one of the most common members of houseplant collections. The leaves are elongated and slender and often adorned with variegated patterns

Appearance isn’t the only reason why growers decide on spider plants. These plants aren’t finicky over growing conditions, making them perfect for beginners who would like a grass-like plant in their home.

9. Sweet Flag

The light green, wavy foliage of the Sweet flag plant makes it worthy of every indoor space. 

This grass-like plant doesn’t need much to thrive and shows excellent resistance to pests and diseases.  

10. Bamboo Palm

You may think that Bamboo palm is an odd choice for this list. But if you take a closer look at the plant, I believe you’ll get the feeling of grassy landscapes because of the feathery and elongated fronds

It will give a touch of tropical elegance to your indoor space and combine perfectly with other common houseplants. 

11. Asparagus Fern

Asparagus fern is definitely one of my favorite plants because of its spectacular arching fronds. Well, this plant isn’t really a fern or a grass species, but it does give the same vibe. 

It has a rather messy appearance and will spice up your plant collection. Make sure to keep it hydrated but never allow its soil to become waterlogged.

Indoor grasses will definitely make your home more visually appealing. Just meet their care requirements and enjoy their splendid appearance.