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Watch What Happens When You Release 100 Ladybugs In The Garden 

Watch What Happens When You Release 100 Ladybugs In The Garden 

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Beneficial bugs do wonders in our gardens, and the most efficient ones are definitely ladybugs! 

The most important benefit of ladybugs (besides making your garden more vibrant and lively) is pest control – these cute little bugs munch on aphids, the number one enemy of most plants in your garden. 

Next, they can assist pollination by transferring pollen from blossom to blossom, ensuring you get the most out of your crops! 

There are a couple of ways you can attract ladybugs to your garden – either by planting the right flowers or providing them with shelter. Or, you can simply purchase them. 

This famous gardener on Tiktok, who goes by the name Cottageandcoven, shared an interesting video where she released 100 live ladybugs into her garden! 

Source: TikTok

She says that you are supposed to release them at night time around the base of plants. The bag filled with ladybugs is simply cut open and she kind of sprinkles ladybugs on the plants, focusing on the ones affected by aphids. 

She says she got them for 20 bucks, but you can find a better deal and buy them for $4 on Amazon. 

After a while, she posted an updated video showing her garden and what ladybugs did to it. She noticed that the pollination rate significantly improved and that many crops have already started growing!

The ladybugs devoured the aphids, and plants susceptible to them have grown and developed successfully. These problematic plants were now aphid-free

Even after some time had passed, she was still able to see these cute bugs on her plants. Some of them did fly away, but more importantly, they have laid their eggs in her garden so that the next generation of ladybugs will help deter pests and pollinate flowers.
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