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Avoid These 4 Rookie Mistakes To Stop Spiders Living Rent-Free In Your Home

Avoid These 4 Rookie Mistakes To Stop Spiders Living Rent-Free In Your Home

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There’s nothing worse than uninvited guests! Especially if they have eight legs and crawl in the corners of your house. Yes, you guessed it – creepy spiders.

I’d probably move out if I saw them crawling on the walls. I know I’m overreacting again! But I can’t help myself! Spiders won’t harm you, but there’s still something creepy about seeing them.

Just imagine this scene. You’ve finally laid down after a long day at work, put on your favorite TV show, and made some popcorn. 

Suddenly, you spot a spider descending from the ceiling like in Mission Impossible onto your tasty treat!

There’s actually a plot twist behind this! Spiders already have a VIP invitation into your home. Yes, you heard that right! Now, get ready to find out what attracts them the most.

Let’s get started!

#1 Spiders Are Obsessed With Your Houseplants

You’re probably disappointed by this fact.

Your plants are the perfect cozy home for spiders. They would probably give them a great review! Your blossoms can provide spiders with all the protection they need from predators!

Spiders can lay their eggs on your flowers, and then you will have an entire family in your house. That’s not cool!

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#2 Be Careful, Spideys Can Sneak Through The Window

You should think twice next time you open the window. Spiders are masters at sneaking! Besides windows, they can creep in from the front door into your home.

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You still need to open it occasionally to let in some fresh air, especially in summer when the sun goes down, to cool your home.

The best thing you can do is get window screens. Then you can enjoy opening the window whenever you want.

#3 Keep Your Home Clean And Tidy

When the house is clean, there will be no trace of spiders! Besides the house, you’ll need to keep an eye on your garden too.

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You should regularly throw away garbage and clean cobwebs in the house. If you bring things from the basement, always check that there are no spiders left on them. Just follow these steps, and there will be no room for panic and fear of them!

#4 Add Ultrasonic Devices To Your Shopping List

Ultrasonic devices are a great thing, not only for spiders but also for other pests that can sneak into your home. They cannot stand this device, and the sounds will drive them crazy!

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I’ve had ultrasonic devices for years now. The moment I plugged them in, all the pests ran away! Pretty good, right?

Will this device harm you or your pets? Of course not! You will not hear these sounds, and neither will your dogs or cats. With this, harmony will be the only thing that enters your home!

I saved my home thanks to these tricks, and you will too! There’s nothing better than entering your peaceful oasis, free of spiders!