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10 Modern Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That Will Leave You Speechless

10 Modern Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That Will Leave You Speechless

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It’s not really easy to choose a landscape design and many front yard owners stick to older and, I daresay, messier techniques. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re not into these designs anymore, why don’t you give modern landscaping a try? 

You can give your outdoor space a touch of elegance by focusing more on details, not combining too many colors, and adding functional materials. 

If you aren’t sure how to achieve this, here are some breathtaking modern front yard landscaping ideas!

1. Stick To A Minimalist Color Scheme

Many of us decide to add a splash of color to our front yards but there’s one important thing to understand; the more colors you use, the less modern your front yard will be. 

Why is that so? Well, elegant and sophisticated things aren’t really colorful, don’t you think?

Some of the color combinations you can use are, for example, combining various shades of green or using a white and silver combo. If you want to spice things up a little bit, you can add some color but make sure it’s only one

Combining greenery, synthetic turf, and limestone walkways will definitely result in an elegant but also low-maintenance garden. This method is very similar to xeriscaping, i.e., a water-saving method.

You can add a final touch to this design by using some simple sculptures, such as orbs. 

2. Emphasize The Structural Aesthetics Of Succulents

beautiful succulent plant in garden

We’re still using the simple color scheme but this time succulent plants are our main addition. You can use small or tall succulents, depending on the color and texture you want to get. 

Now let’s see what else we can combine. First, I recommend some ornamental grasses to get a more polished look. 

You can also go with some front-door plants to make your guests feel more comfortable. Large containers will accentuate the beauty of these plants. 

Adding stepping stone pathways and planting some groundcover plants between them will definitely be the best final touch you could possibly give to this landscape design. 

3. Play With Light

When it comes to the front yard, remember that light matters. It actually serves two purposes in this case. 

The first one is to accentuate the beauty of the specimen plants. The second one is, of course, to make those night walks through your garden even more pleasant.

If you plant, for example, redbud trees, you can use LED lighting to get a bold effect once the sun goes down. 

Also consider adding recessed lights on the paving to add a dramatic effect to your front yard during the nighttime. 

4. Mix And Match Materials For Industrial Chic Design

beautiful landscaping yard

Modern yards always need an industrial touch. For instance, you can choose corten steel as a material for your containers, gates, or even walls

If you have raised beds or can’t decide on the material for flooring, concrete is definitely a good way to go. 

The combination of gray and rust hues will add that final and industrial touch. When discussing modern landscape design, I must say that using clean, smooth lines is the easiest way to achieve it.

Planters and seating areas should be made of concrete because you’ll get both color and functionality. 

Interestingly, this material has been most commonly used in backyards, but it’s a part of front yard design nowadays. 

Finally, add some ornamental grasses but choose species that come in one or two colors max. 

5. Use Large Pavers

Paying attention to details is our main goal but in this case, it’s not about small details but rather going bigger and bolder.

Hardscaping is a commonly employed technique in contemporary yards; large-format pavers will do the perfect job in your front yard. 

You can add a concrete paver walkway and surround it with stake lights. Now you only need to make things greener, so opt for some ground cover plants

If you’re lucky enough to have a large front yard, I highly recommend adding a tree. Just pay attention to its size and hue. 

6. Use Larger Containers

big plant in a huge container

The container gardening method is used in many landscape designs but if you want to use it for your modern garden, you should go with large planters

Now choose plants that would pair well with the material and color of your planters (one color). Of course, make sure to provide the plants you choose with suitable conditions. 

For instance, if your front yard lacks light, there are some excellent container plants for shady areas

7. Plant En Masse 

People simply love adding multiple plant species to their gardens, which creates a colorful display. If you aren’t into this, you can plant the same species en masse. 

This method definitely adds a sophisticated touch to any landscape design. One of the plants you can plant en masse is lavender, and its unique texture and lovely purple color will make your outdoor space simple yet beautiful.

Of course, flowering species aren’t the only option; some evergreen ferns, for instance, will pair perfectly with any of the designs above. 

8. Add A Statement Screen

paved patio with sitting area and small garden near wooden fence

Well, we all want some privacy when spending time in our yards. There are many options to choose from when it comes to privacy screens. 

However, if you want a modern front yard, you should opt for a statement screen, such as one made of metal. This requires less maintenance than using plants as privacy screens

The only drawback of this modern design is that it’s pretty pricey. If you don’t want to spend too much money on front yard renovation, consider painting the existing fence or wall in some modern colors, such as inky black. 

9. Add A Water Feature

Water features make an excellent addition to any design, from zen gardens to more whimsical landscapes. 

When incorporating any water feature in your modern front yard, aim for the simplest designs. A metal water bowl will add a wonderful touch to your landscape but it won’t be ‘too much’. 

Appearance isn’t the only thing that makes water features so great. Imagine listening to the sound of water while you’re resting on the porch; nothing makes a better sense of tranquility than running water. 

Birds and wildlife will have a water source so if you want to hear other lovely sounds, it’s a good way to go. 

10. Make A Vertical Garden

vertical garden

Many people claim that modern gardens lack diversity when it comes to plants. Well, this may be true but you can have both modernness and diversity if you create a vertical garden.

You can train some trailing plant species to climb on the edges of the wall and put shelves in the middle. Potted herbs will add color and you’ll also have something to harvest. 

You’ll still have a modern front yard even if you add some veggies to this garden type. It’s a win-win situation. 

Choosing The Best Plants For Your Front Yard

Now I would like to share a couple of tips with you regarding plant choice. Technically, any plant would work as long as you’re sticking to a simple color scheme. 

But if you want an easy-to-maintain garden, I highly recommend planting native species because they’re already adapted to your region and, therefore, require minimum care

Evergreen plants are the best choice for modern front yards; you don’t want your landscape to look empty and boring in the winter. 

Finally, you should go with pollinator-friendly plant species. Butterflies and birds are always welcome to our yards, no matter the design!

Well, the last thing I want to say is that you should always start with planning. Some of you may not be into this but, trust me, once you make a mistake, such as not sticking to a simple color palette, redoing it may be too hard. 

I hope I helped you decide on a design; I know how hard it can be since they’re all equally beautiful!