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These 5 Trends From Last Year Should Take A Backseat In Your Yard

These 5 Trends From Last Year Should Take A Backseat In Your Yard

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It’s time for a makeover!

Just like in fashion, trends in the garden world come and go. Backyards are there to show off your creative spirit and make it attractive. Sometimes, you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone and try new looks!

A few years ago, my yard looked like something out of a horror movie. Still stuck in creepy Halloween mode. It was just me and the crows (at least I could have won first place for the Halloween contest)!

That was until I decided to make some changes. That, my friends, turned out pretty well. I hope you’re ready to say goodbye to these trends this season!

Let’s go, one by one!

#1 Planting Ornamental Grasses Is A Big No-No

I mean, ornamental grasses aren’t that bad. But if you use too many of them, it won’t look good in your yard. If you already have colorful plants in your garden, there’s no need to overload it with these grasses.

Source: Reddit

It would be a much better option to grow other types of grass in your yard. Everyone wants a greenery display that blends perfectly with flowers. By trying different types of grasses, you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful landscape all season long!

#2 Stay Away From Fake Grass Lawns

Fake lawn grasses are definitely out! Everyone can spot the difference between fake and real grass. Isn’t it better to enjoy the charms of Mother Nature?

Source: Reddit

Fake grass is not as practical as it seems! In the summer, if you decide to walk barefoot on it, you can easily get burned. It’s also very expensive!

Don’t underestimate your backyard’s potential for growing grass. With so many types of grass that thrive in different environments, you’ll find the perfect fit for your yard.

#3 Don’t Waste Your Money On Large Playgrounds

I know you all want to have a playground for your kids in the yard. That’s their biggest wish too. But there’s no need for a large plastic playground because they’re out of style.

Source: Reddit

Isn’t it better to take a board and make a swing instead? Little ones love it (you enjoyed it once too). You can entertain your kids and bring them coloring supplies. That way, you’ll spark their creative side. You know all kids love to color things. 

When it’s their bedtime, you can sneak out and awaken your inner child by swinging in your garden!

#4 Avoid Putting Colored Mulch Around Your Plants And Trees 

Remember, colored mulch is outdated! If you have this kind of mulch around your plants, you should get rid of it. Not only will it give your yard a tacky look, but it’s also not good for your flowers!

Source: Reddit

It’s better to go with organic mulch because colored mulch eliminates all the bacteria and insects that are beneficial for healthy plant growth.

#5 Formal Landscaping Is Out This Season

Formal landscaping design should never come back into gardening trends! This style of landscaping gives your garden a cold, unwelcoming feel. There’s no need for lifeless walls, fences, or a large fountain.

Source: Pinterest

Instead, go with the cottage and retro styles. This has truly been my favorite vibe in my garden for years. You can create a small pond to attract frogs or plant pastel-colored flowers. Also, make a few winding paths! Not everything needs to be perfect. 

These trends should definitely stay far away from your garden. By doing this, you’ll make your garden look like those old Disney cartoons. Now, that’s the vibe you want! 

Since I started decorating with a more natural style and planting colorful flowers, everything changed. For the better, of course! Now you have the opportunity to do the exact same thing!