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70 Palm Tree Quotes & Sayings To Describe Tropical Beauty

70 Palm Tree Quotes & Sayings To Describe Tropical Beauty

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You are on vacation on a tropical island, and the nature is breathtaking! The sea, food, the sky, the palm trees… Everything is so dreamy!

Of course you would want to take pictures and save that memory forever (and show off on Instagram, duh).

The photos of palm trees are perfect for creating that summer feed, and you will need quirky and sweet palm tree captions for your posts.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

We have gathered the best palm tree quotes and sayings that you can use on your Instagram posts or post-cards.

Palm Tree Quotes For Instagram Captions

1. “Beneath the sunset skies tall, silver-shafted palm-trees rise.” – William C. Bryant

2. “I’m a sucker for turquoise sea, white beaches, and palm trees.” – Bruno Tonioli

3. “The dance of the palm trees, the oceans calling, the first rays of sun and heaven is here.” – Michael Dolan

4. “The palm tree that sways in the breeze stays standing the longest.” – Shay Mitchell

5. “Palm trees & vitamin sea.” – Unknown Author

6. “May you never be too busy to stop and breathe under a palm tree” – Unknown Author

7. “Palm trees were fanned by a warm, light breeze, and they rolled down their windows to smell the sea.” – Jude Watson

8. “All I need are palm trees and a cool breeze” – Unknown Author

9. “Laying under the palm trees waiting for the sunset.” – Garvit Singh

10. “Palmtastic” – Unknown Author

11. “The perfect time is twilight, when the setting sun is filtering through the palm trees.” – Liz Goldwyn

12. “Face palm” – Unknown Author

13. “Keep palm and don’t go getting your coconuts in a bunch” – Unknown Author

14. “It’s like a palm tree by the ocean that endures the greatest winds because it knows how to gracefully bend.” – Stephen Kendrick

15.” Always chasing palm trees and an ocean breeze.” – Unknown Author

16. “City lights and palm tree nights” – Unknown Author

Sweet Palm Tree Quotes

17. “Your fingertips across my skin, the palm trees swaying in the wind,” – A Fine Frenzy

18. “I suddenly realized I was in California. Warm, palmy air – air you can kiss – and palms.” – Jack Kerouac

19. “The dance of the palm trees, the oceans calling, the first rays of sun and heaven is here” – Michael Dolan

20. “Focus on this moment. Hold your hand and see what it feels like. Go look at some grass. Talk to a palm tree…. Experience life.” – Frederick Lenz

21. “I enjoy art, architecture, museums, churches and temples; anything that gives me insight into the history and soul of the place I’m in. I can also be a beach bum – I like to laze in the shade of a palm tree with a good book or float in a warm sea at sundown.” – Cherie Lunghi

22. “The desert came into view … sand and palm trees” – Hanan al-Shaykh

23. “The strength and flexibility of palm trees is sacred inspiration to flow beautifully through it all and still remain gracefully standing. – Unknown Author

24. “I grew up in an era of thinking of travel as escape. The idea that you could conceivably have a new life, go somewhere, fall in love, have little children under the palm trees” – Paul Theroux

25. “Advice from a palm tree: Soak up the sun. Stand tall and proud. Remember your roots. Drink plenty of water. Be content with your natural beauty. Enjoy the view.” – Unknown Author

26. “California to me as a concept or as an idea always seems like endless optimism and endless opportunity – when people think of California they think of palm trees and blue skies and gorgeous sunsets and beaches and everything else.” – Mark Hoppus

27. “Lights are glowing in the palm trees.” – Jimmy Buffett

28. “As I watch the sunset on palm tree beach, Paradise is finally in reach. And though I know when winter comes, Then dreams will all be said and done. For now, I’m glad to stay on palm tree beach.” – Pére Pomme

29. “I was a farm kid from the plains of South Venezuela, from a very poor family. I grew up in a palm tree house with an earthen floor.” – Hugo Chavez

30. “The sun is shining, mynah birds are chattering, palm trees are swaying…” – Kaui Hart Hemmings

Funny Palm Tree Captions & Quotes

31. “Miami is just really fun whenever I go there. It’s like this post-apocalyptic Barbie world: everything is pink, and there are palm trees everywhere.” – Grimes

32. “Talk to the palm” – Unknown Author

33. “I’ll be glad to leave here. I feel like eating palm trees. I don’t like this place. It’s for people with arthritis.” – Ernie Holmes.

34. “This palm tree fell over, refused to die and then curves right back up. And you can’t even get a text back” – Unknown Author

35. “I know they have palm trees in Southern California. I mean I’m not a complete moron, I’ve watched 90210 and everything.” – Meg Cabot

36. “Making love requires no thought. You move as the fronds of a palm tree move in the breeze. It is all instinct.” – Chloe Thurlow

37. “The sight of a palm tree silhouetted against the sky made even his life feel like a movie” – Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich

38. “I haven’t bought a yacht or an island or even a palm tree.” – David A. Siegel

39. “Los Angeles, the sun shines a lot, and it’s blue, and there’s palm trees; it’s a bit like Sydney, I guess, but the underbelly is a vicious, mean, cruel, awful place.” – Loudon Wainwright III

40. “I would like a magical palm tree that had a lot of shade, with instead of coconuts there’s just peanut butter jelly sandwiches with cheetos underneath. And my wife that is always happy and possibly naked.” – Channing Tatum

41. “Keep palm and carry on” – Unknown Author

42. “They all went down in droves, because just scenes of palm trees and beaches can get pretty boring.” – James MacArthur

43. “I was in Cancun, Mexico, sitting in a disappearing-edge swimming pool, on a bar stool that was actually under the water, watching palm trees sway in a sultry breeze against the unmistakable aqua splendor of the Caribbean Sea; drinking coconut, lime, and tequila from a scooped-out pineapple, with salt spray of breaking surf and sun kissing my skin. Translation: I’d died and gone to heaven.” – Karen Marie Moning

Clever Palm Tree Quotes

44. “A lot of people prefer to be alone. They would rather be a palm tree on an island. I don’t get it.” – Jose Andre

45. “Oh, the taller that the palm tree grows, the sweeter is the bark.“- Tommy Makem

46. “As the palm-tree standeth so straight and so tall, The more the hail beats, and the more the rain falls” – Simon Dach

47. “It’s the point at which, as we say in the language of the desert, one ‘dies of thirst just when the palm trees have appeared on the horizon.” – Paulo Coelho

48. “Grow as a palm-tree on God’s Mount Zion; howbeit shaken with winds, yet the root is fast.” -Samuel Rutherford

49. “A coconut palm in your balcony and cool winds can spawn the most splendid vibes.” – Unknown Author

50. “For it is the temper of the highest hearts, like the palm tree, to strive upwards when it is most burdened.” – Philip Sidney

51. “The roots of the aged palm tree exceed those of the young one; the old have a greater attachment to the world.” – Saib Tabrizi

52. “Hollywood is Newark, New Jersey with palm trees.” – Weegee

53. “The first rule of hurricane coverage is every broadcast must begin with palm trees bending in the wind.” – Carl Hiaasen

54. “I love touring in the United States. It’s dramatically different wherever you go. North to south, you’re going from snow to palm trees.” – Greg Lake

55. “The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree.” – Psalm 92:12

56. “Jessica stopped a few feet away so that Ken could get an optimal view of her body posed against the seductive backdrop of the sea, sand, and palm trees.” – Francine Pascal

Cool Palm Tree Quotes

57. “These palm trees like my old homeboys, hella shady.” – Chamillionaire

58. “I’ve got paradise in the palm of my hand.” – Unknown Author

59. “For me, exotic means beaches, palm trees and sand and frolicking in the ocean.” – Priyanka Chopra

60. “Palm tree in my garden. I’ve got a palm tree in my garden. Oh yeah, a palm tree in my garden. Oh, lucky me, oh oh lucky me.” – Hooyoosay

61. “I remember someone saying they had never really noticed the palm trees here until I painted them.” – David Hockney

62. “Advice from palm tree: Reach high. Stand your ground. Soak up some sum. Be flexible. Find your oasis. Weather life’s storms. Spend time at the beach!” – Unknown Author

63. “There are cities that get by on their good looks, offer climate and scenery, views of mountains or oceans, rockbound or with palm trees.” – Elmore Leonard

64. “I want people to think of Hawaii and think of palm trees and magical islands and Bruno Mars.” – Bruno Mars

65. “Some beach, somewhere. There’s a big umbrella casting shade over an empty chair. Palm trees are growing and a warm breeze a blowing. I picture myself right there, on some beach, somewhere.” – Blake Shelton

66. “I’m like a palm tree. Through any storming knockouts I will take every punch as a conquering hero. I might bend, I might suffer, but I will not break. I will stand tall. I will be victorious.” – Unknown Author

67. “My grandfather gave me my first guitar, an old acoustic with palm trees and dancing girls painted on it.” – Dan Fogelberg

68. “Between every two palms is a doorway to a new world.” – Unknown Author

69. “A city where everyone seemed to live in a bungalow on a broad avenue lined with palm, pepper or eucalyptus trees, where there was never any snow.” — Kevin Starr

70. “Blue skies, 77 degrees and palm trees – I’m living the dream.” – Jarod Kintz

Final Thoughts

Just reading these inspiring quotes about palm trees and tropical islands makes me want to go on a vacation immediately!

We have tried our best to find quotes that capture the essence of tropical beauty, and the funniest palm tree Instagram captions for your posts and stories.

You can use them for your palm houseplants as well!

Enjoy the sun and beaches, find beauty in small things, take beautiful pictures and have the best summer time ever! (unlike Lana Del Rey though :D)

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