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These 5 Breathtaking Perennials Are Must-Have This Summer

These 5 Breathtaking Perennials Are Must-Have This Summer

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Summer is on the way, and that can only mean one thing – it’s planting time!

This is my favorite season! I can finally see greenery filling my garden along with lots of buzzing insects. There’s no better way to start the day than by listening to flying friends chirping.

One thing that you might be missing is flowers – and not just any! Perennials will bloom all summer long, and these five are absolutely essential this june!

#1 Attract Your Cutest Flying Visitors With Shasta Daisy

With the help of daisies, you’ll see butterflies dancing around every day in your garden! 

Did you know that shasta daisies can grow up to 4 feet? They love to keep an eye on everything that happens in the garden, and thanks to their height, daisies don’t miss a thing! 

Credit: Pinterest

Plant them in a sunny spot, then all that’s left is to enjoy watching them grow. 

My garden was full of these white flowers because I became really attached to them. Every year, I had to cut a little bouquet and put daisies in my vase! 

#2 Roses Will Make Your Garden Smell Amazingly Good

Roses smell the best, right? 

Their petals come in beautiful pastel colors, such as white, pink, yellow, and red. Find your favorite one and add it to your yard! 

Credit: Pinterest

Roses require sun, so plant them where they will receive lots of light.

It’s a really good idea to plant them in your garden, especially for the guys. If you’re going on a date, just pick two to three flowers, make a small bouquet, and surprise your better half!

Did you know that you can preserve roses forever? It is a very nice thing for those of you who like to keep memories!

#3 You Can Use Dahlia Flowers In The Kitchen To Decorate Your Favorite Cake

If you didn’t know, you can use Dahlias as a decoration for your dessert!

Their flowers can be yellow, red, and orange. Imagine how cool it would be to arrange some flowers on muffins and make a picnic for your friends. They won’t be able to wipe the smiles off their faces when they see this cute surprise you have prepared for them! 

Credit: Pinterest

Make a place for it in the sunny part of your garden so that you get as many flowers as possible!

#4 Sunflowers Can Provide You With Healthy Snacks

If you decide to plant sunflowers, good for you! They’re a beautiful addition to the garden and you can pick the tasty seeds for a nice snack. 

Credit: Pinterest

They have some pretty healthy seeds that contain a lot of vitamins! That’s why you need to grow them in a place where they will get 8 hours of sun. The more light they get, the more healthy snacks you’ll have!

#5 With Lavender, You Can Create Your Own At-Home Spa And Get A Glowy Look For The Summer

Now, the famous lavender!

Their pretty purple color will bring a real summer look to your garden. That’s why it’s important to plant them in a sunny place to allow them the light they need!

Credit: Pinterest

This plant has much more to offer than just good looks and a nice smell! You can make oil or soap from its petals, which are very useful for you.

By drinking some lavender tea, you will feel like a sleeping beauty. Or, you can put a mask on your face and give yourself a real spa night!

Now, can you really choose between these five perennials? Here’s an idea – why not make some extra room in your garden and give all of these beauties a chance?

Hurry, June will pass quickly and you have flowers to plant! When you wake up on a summer morning and see them blooming in your yard, you won’t be able to stop smiling!