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Use These 5 Plantastic Ideas For Your Window Box That Everyone Will Adore

Use These 5 Plantastic Ideas For Your Window Box That Everyone Will Adore

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Gardeners, are you tired of the boring view from your window? I struggled with this for years, until I found a solution – a window box! 

This little trick made a drastic difference, and it is safe to say that people were simply fascinated by my plantings!

There’s no doubt it was one of the best decisions of my gardening career! My Honest advice is to run to the nearest store and buy one as soon as possible! But, before that, check out these interesting ideas for window plants that might boost your creativity! 

#1 Have Freshly Picked Veggies From Your Window

Do you like vegetables but don’t have time to go to the store and buy them every day? 

It may shock you, but you can actually grow certain vegetables in your window box.

Yes, it’s that simple, and you will always have fresh and tasty vegetables that you can pick.

Not to mention how healthy it is for you (some of us are not really gym types). Homemade vegetables are healthier and a better choice.

Here are some ideas for vegetable lovers:

  • If you’re looking for healthy snacks, baby carrots are perfect for you. Planting them is simple, just buy carrot seeds and water them regularly. They also need sunlight, so it’s important that your window box is exposed to enough sun.
  • Tomatoes are another tasty vegetable that is easy to grow and plant. If you need a cherry tomato for your salad, just go to your window and pick it. All your friends will love the dinners you prepare.
  • Garlic? You heard me right! I know it’s not ideal to eat if you have an important business meeting or a date, but it is perfect for our health. If you get sick, you will always have a best friend who will help you in times of trouble if you grow garlic.

Source: Pinterest

#2 The Scent Of Chocolate And Lavender Will Make Your Garden Smell Flawless

These two colorful friends are ideal for beautifying your space. When you open the window, you will always smell these amazing scents. I like to pick a few bits of lavender when I come home tired from work (they are a real stress reliever).

When people passed by my window, they would always ask if I was making a chocolate cake. I always told them that I left a piece on the window. When they went to pick it up, they would see that it was a flower! (They always fall for this joke).

Cosmos is one of my favorite flowers because it has a really unique smell, just like cocoa.

Besides making you happy, you’ll also have little visitors like butterflies and bees, who will be obsessed with this flower.

#3 Spice It Up With Your Favorite Delicious Herbs

If you want fresh parsley, basil, or rosemary, all you need to do is buy the seeds and plant them. You can also dry the herbs, buy jars, and arrange them in your kitchen. Isn’t that great? 

Spices are a great thing to add to dishes. I always pick rosemary when I prepare steak because it’s a great spice. You won’t believe it, but I only planted them once and they’ve bloomed every year since.

#4 Create A Little Cottage Dream And Enjoy

Cottage style is one of my favorites. I was constantly looking for inspiration on the internet – how I could arrange, which flowers and colors would go best, etc. If you like a romantic and vintage vibe, these plants are perfect for you.

It is important that you choose pastel colors so that they are not too strong. You can choose lilacs and roses of diffetent colors, which will fit perfectly into the retro vibe. Check out this incredible DIY video and make your window box in full cottage style

#5 Become An Artist And Create A Rainbow-Colored Masterpiece

If you plant flowers of different colors, it will feel like you are looking at a rainbow. Petunias are a perfect example because they come in different colors and will blend in perfectly. You can find them in yellow, white, purple, and blue.

They are also great for decoration. That’s why they will be great for you if you like colorful flowers. They are easy to maintain, so don’t worry about that.

Source: Reddit

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it, and that you gained some inspiration on which plants to choose. 

You now have many ideas and I am sure that whichever one you choose, you will not regret it. Window boxes are a great thing for both beginners and experienced gardeners, just like me (not to brag).

Grab your favorite book and enjoy the view! You can also make great photos for your Facebook or Instagram feed (I tried it, the likes are going crazy).