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7 Plants That Produce Gorgeous Flowers In March

7 Plants That Produce Gorgeous Flowers In March

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Do you want an abundance of flowers as early as March? Well, consider growing these types of plants!

Not only are these flowers going to adorn your garden in the early spring, but they also make great cut flowers that can freshen up your indoor space. 

Bulbs like daffodils, shrubs like camellias, and border plants such as bergenia are all included in this list! 

To find out more plants that flower in March, keep reading the article 🙂 

1. Daphne

Daphne are star-shaped flowers that not only look gorgeous, but also have an amazing fragrance! – even a few cuttings can freshen up your entire home! 

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2. Camellia

Camellias are colorful flowering plants that can brighten up shaded spots in your garden. They grow flowers on short, woody stems, so consider using a shallow vase when you bring them indoors! 

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3. Primrose

Primroses are a sign of spring in many regions; they have tiny flowers that can be picked and put in a small vase to enjoy the delicate, scented flowers indoors. 

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4. Bergenia

If you want to fill out your shady borders, then bergenia is the perfect choice for you. These evergreen plants add year-round interest, but their magenta flowers that appear in the spring are unique and wonderful. 

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5. Lonicera x purpusii

Grow bergenia if you like a fresh lemony scent – just a few sprigs can fill your entire home with their delightful fragrance! 

6. Narcissus

Narcissi are cheap and easy flowers that last long – they are perfect for borders, but you can grow them specifically as cut flowers. 

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7. Hellebore 

If you want to have a colorful winter garden, then you should definitely grow hellebores. Their nodding flowers are great additions to the garden and can also be used as house decorations. 

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