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Research Proves That These 6 Gorgeous Plants Prevent Mold

Research Proves That These 6 Gorgeous Plants Prevent Mold

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We all know about the numerous health benefits that houseplants bring to the table. They clean the indoor air of various toxins (although, you have to have many plants to see any significant change).

Yet, one piece of research went a step further and studied 6 plants that proved to be great at reducing airborne mold spores. (1)

And the best part about these houseplants is that they look amazing, too!

Here’s more about them!

#1 Arrowhead Plant

There are many syngonium varieties you can choose from, whether you want to reduce mold spores or bring some life to your home decor.

In the case of arrowhead plants, only 5.8% of mold spores remained (out of 100% without any plants) in the Hortscience research.

This, the ability to thrive in lower light levels, and the fact that it loves humidity make the arrowhead a perfect choice for bathrooms, basements, and kitchens.

Make sure not to overwater it if you keep it in a location with high air moisture, and that’s it!

Strawberry Syngonium

• 3 in pot

• Easy to grow

• Giftable

#2 Cast Iron Plant

This beauty is on the list of plants perfect for rooms without windows. This makes it suitable for darker bathrooms.

But that’s not all it has to offer. According to the Hortscience research, only 5.8% of mold spores remained after introducing the cast iron plant to the indoor environment.

So, this resilient plant has it all! It can filter the air and survive choking humidity. The cast iron plant does great in locations with temperature swings.

And to top it off, it has very few requirements you need to meet!

American Plant Exchange Cast Iron Plant

• 6 in pot

• Cultivated by experts

• Easy to grow

#3 Corn Plant

This beauty isn’t that difficult to grow. Keep it at warm temperatures (60-75°F), expose it to moderate humidity, and plant it in a loose and well-drained growing medium.

The corn plant does best in medium-to-bright light conditions, but it can tolerate lower levels like a pro.

Also, the Hortscience research found that it reduces mold spores in the air down to 57.7%. It’s not as much as other plants on this list, but it will still purify your air while looking stunning.

American Plant Exchange Dracaena Massangeana 'Corn Plant'

• 6 in pot

• Cultivated by experts

• Easy to grow

#4 Dragon Tree

This dracaena has everything you could wish for. You can find it on the list of low light indoor trees, which means you don’t have to worry about lighting too much.

Another thing about the dragon tree is that it left its mark in the study, reducing the amount of mold spores down to 7.7%.

It doesn’t mind a little bit of neglect and looks stunning in any decor that calls for a taller plant.

Costa Farms Dracaena Marginata Magenta Madagascar Dragon Tree

• 3-4 ft tall

• Natural seagrass basket

• Stylistic

#5 Golden Pothos

This is one of my favorites! Not only does the golden pothos lift the appearance of every room, but it also reduces airborne mold spores down to 0.4%. How amazing is that!?

What I love about it is that you get different options with this fella; train it on a moss pole or let it trail out of the pot.

And the best part about golden pothos is that it can adapt to various lighting conditions, from brighter to darker levels. This makes it perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Finally, it thrives in higher humidity levels. That’s why it’s so great at eliminating mold spores. Place your golden pothos in a steamy bathroom and forget about those dark corners.

P.S. If you notice your golden pothos turning yellow, you may want to increase lighting a bit or reduce watering.

Costa Farms Golden Pothos Live Plant

• 10-12 in tall

• Modern decorative pot

• Easy to grow

#6 Spider Plant

Perfect for steamy bathrooms and kitchens, spider plants have made a comeback yet again. They flourish in humid environments and thrive on neglect.

The spider plant care guide is very simple. Expose them to bright, indirect light, keep them in a well-drained growing medium, and that’s it!

They will soak up air moisture and reduce the amount of airborne spores. In fact, the Hortscience study proved only 28.9% of mold spores remained after introducing this plant. It’s not as great as golden pothos, but it does the job!

Ocean Spider Plant

• 3 per pack

• 4 in pot

• Easy to grow


1. Koriesh, E. M, Abo-El Soud, I. H., & Hefni, M. M. (2016). Studies on Indoor Air Pollution: 8. Indoor Plants and Air Borne Molds. Hortscience Journal of Suez Canal University.