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Rid Your Garden Of Japanese Beetles With This Magic Mixture

Rid Your Garden Of Japanese Beetles With This Magic Mixture

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Knowing that nothing comes overnight, yard owners put a lot of effort into maintenance. Watering and fertilization are just a few of their must-do chores.  

However, no matter how hard you try, problems can occur and pests are among the most common. One of the pest species that can wreak havoc on your garden and destroy a year-long effort is the Japanese beetle. 

These nuisances aren’t picky when it comes to food and they’ll munch on your grass, shrubs, leaves, and trees. Many gardeners struggle with these insects because it can be pretty challenging to deter them. 

But what if I told you that you can rid your garden of Japanese beetles with a simple mixture that includes only two ingredients? Let’s see what it is!  

Make The Mix

And the mixture includes… peppermint oil and water! You may have expected the magic potion that repels Japanese beetles to be some sort of powerful chemical, but the truth is that this scented oil is all you need. 

Pesticides and insecticides may cost a fortune so any alternative is acceptable as long as it works. 

Interestingly, these insects aren’t fans of many aromas, including neem oil and wintergreen. However, the most commonly used oil is made of peppermint and it’s widely available and pretty cheap, which are the main reasons why I recommend it. 

All you need to do is take a cup of water and add approximately 10-15 drops of the peppermint oil. 

If you have a large yard, make as much solution as you need following this ratio.

How To Apply It

The solution isn’t only easy to make but it’s also super easy to apply. Simply pour it into a spray bottle and spray it over the infested area.  

You can apply it often but remember that you should never change the ratio because high concentrations of essential oils harm humans and pets. (1)

One of the best things about this mixture is that it’s efficient in repelling many other common yard critters. 

You need to be careful because Japanese beetles aren’t active during the night, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone for good.

So, the key to a Japanese beetle-free garden is in monitoring and regular peppermint and water mixture application!

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