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Discover The Secret To Keeping Slugs Off Your Plants

Discover The Secret To Keeping Slugs Off Your Plants

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Slugs are one of the worst critters in the garden – not only do they transmit diseases, but they can also completely devour your plants, especially the leafy green ones! 

It can be quite hard to get rid of these garden pests as these slimy creatures always seem to find their way to your plants, but not today. All you need is some aluminum foil to keep them away. 

In this article, we are going to talk about slugs and how to keep them away from your precious plants by using just a piece of aluminum foil. So, let’s get started! 

The Secret Is Aluminum Foil! 

Although it might seem far-fetched, using aluminum foil to deter slugs is an amazing gardening hack that is also cost-free! 

What the foil does is create a physical barrier between plants and crawling pests – trust me, they won’t be able to cross the foil. Shiny foil also scares away small animals and critters, thus protecting your plants from getting munched on. 

Aluminum also reflects light and warmth, which further helps to repel slugs. These creatures thrive in darkness so they will stay far away from anything shiny, especially things as shiny as aluminum foil! 

There are some benefits to the plants besides protection – the foil keeps them warm at night. So, if you live in a region where the nights get much colder, consider adding aluminum foil around your plants.  

How To Use Aluminum Foil In The Garden

As you can see, there’s nothing complicated about using aluminum foil in the garden. In fact, there are several ways that you can use it to deter slugs. 

If you want to make a physical barrier between slugs and plants, use larger strips to cover the ground around your plants. These strips also reflect the sunlight so it is highly unlikely that the slugs will crawl over them. 

Cut pieces of foil that are wide and long enough to wrap around the plant’s stems if you are planning on attaching them to the plant. 

What you can also do is hang the foil – simply cut the foil into smaller pieces and hang them from stakes or tree branches. You can also put smaller pieces of foil in mulch and use it around tree trunks. 

If you live in colder climates, you can use the foil and wrap it around seed starters, or you can line the seedling boxes and flower pots in order to keep them warmer. 

Always make sure to use clean foil – either wash it properly or use a brand new one from the package. Enjoy your slug-free garden from now on!