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Mosquitoes Absolutely Hate These 10 Smells, So Make Sure To Use Them This Summer

Mosquitoes Absolutely Hate These 10 Smells, So Make Sure To Use Them This Summer

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The very thought of summer always lifts my mood and almost everything sounds great about this season. You know why I said almost? Because summer is also when mosquitoes rear their ugly heads! 

These nuisances seem to appear out of nowhere and make coffee time on my patio a pure nightmare. Well, I’m kinda accustomed to that because summers and mosquito invasions go together here in Florida.  

But I’m not into commercial mosquito traps and it’s not just about spending money. Okay, that too, but I always strive for natural options.

And the one thing that always works to deter these little critters is using scents they hate.

If you want a mosquito-free summer (I know you do), allow me to introduce you to the smells that will make that come true!

1. Rosemary Isn’t Just For Kitchen Windowsills

Nothing can compare with the fresh, woodsy scent of rosemary plants. Well, for mosquitoes, comparison with something awful is more appropriate! They will never come near this plant, so why not use the opportunity and plant it outdoors? 

Growing rosemary in pots and putting them near the patio is the best thing you can do! Simply clip off a few sprigs and put them on your table before your guests arrive!

You can also make your own bug spray using the oil of this potent herb. Add a few drops of rosemary oil to a smaller spray bottle filled with water and start spraying!

2. Save Those Coffee Grounds

I’m addicted to both the flavor of coffee and the scent when it’s freshly brewed. The same definitely can’t be said for mosquitoes. 

Well, you won’t exactly repel these critters with brewed coffee but rather with the grounds. All you need to do is scatter some grounds over your garden and enjoy watching the mosquitoes fly away. 

Of course, you’ll use brewed grounds. I won’t share my coffee with anyone, let alone these nuisances. 

3. Use The Power Of Pungent Garlic

Garlic is one of those plants you use whenever you want to repel a pest from your outdoor space. It’s enough to say that people once believed this pungent veggie keeps vampires away.

Luckily, it keeps other blood-sucking creatures at bay!

The thing with garlic is that it won’t work as mosquito repellent if you plant it along your patio. The only effective method is to crush the cloves and scatter them over the areas you don’t want mosquitoes to come close to.

4. Marigold: The King Of Pest-Repellents

All hail to the king of insect repellents! Yes, marigold is as frequently used as garlic but its fragrance is way more pleasant to us. 

I’m sure you’ll be surprised when I tell you that the scent of these blooming beauties is toxic to mosquitoes. As an added bonus, marigolds add a special touch of beauty to any outdoor space, so it’s a win-win situation.

Marigolds are planted literally everywhere in my garden. It’s not only for mosquitoes but other insects that bother my green buddies. However, if you don’t have enough space, you can always make a spray using marigold oil

5. The Scent Of Eucalyptus Is Anything But Delicate

If mosquitoes could speak, I’m sure that would be what they said. For us, the fragrance of the eucalyptus plant is calming, but for mosquitoes it’s the other way around. 

One of the facts that blew my mind was that mosquitoes can’t fully function after inhaling the powerful eucalyptus smell

If for some reason you can’t plant eucalyptus, you can use candles or body sprays that use this plant as the primary ingredient.

6. Catnip Is Beloved By Cats But Detested By Mosquitoes 

Catnip adorns gardens worldwide, especially if the owners have felines, such as myself. 

Another reason why we love this wonderful herb is that it keeps mosquitoes at bay. Whenever I spend time on my patio, I crush a few catnip leaves to help it release the oil

7. Remember That Lavender Is A Super Versatile Herb

Lavender is definitely one of the most versatile herbs out there. It’s not really surprising it has a spot on this list. 

The first way you can use lavender to deter mosquitoes is to plant it directly in the ground. It also performs well when potted; arrange planters strategically around your garden and enjoy the magic!

Even cut lavender flowers repel mosquitoes, so never leave that vase on your outdoor dining table empty!

Finally, you can make lavender oil spray and use it every time you spot these intruders!

8. Mosquito-Proof Your Patio With Lemon Balm 

A few years ago, I made a trendy DIY mosquito repellent, and guess what the main ingredient was? Lemon balm! 

As expected from a gardener, I planted a few lemon balm plants in my garden. All my guests enjoy its citrusy scent, but what’s even better is that the mosquitoes avoided all of us. 

If this wasn’t enough to convince you to add this plant to your garden, try lemon balm tea (hot or cold). I’m sure your next step will be visiting Home Depot to buy some seeds.

9. Spice Things Up With Peppermint

The minty scent of peppermint has been used to deter mosquitoes since forever. But why grow peppermint and not its famous cousins spearmint and watermint?

Because it grows and spreads super fast even with a bit of neglect! If you’re a beginner gardener and want to enjoy a mosquito-free summer, peppermint is the plant for you!

10. Make A No-Fly Zone With Citronella Candles

And our list ends with the warm weather classic: citronella candles! It’s definitely one of the best options for those who don’t have space for plants but don’t want any mosquitoes. 

Strategically placing one or more citronella candles on your outdoor table will ensure buzz-free summer evenings.

These candles contain lemongrass extracts and flying nuisances hate its citrusy scent.

Mosquitoes are, unfortunately, common intruders during the summer and repelling them can be pretty tricky. But with the help of the scents above, it’s definitely possible!