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Here’s A Brilliant Storage Hack That Will Keep Your Cucumbers Fresh For Days

Here’s A Brilliant Storage Hack That Will Keep Your Cucumbers Fresh For Days

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How many of you have had to throw away cucumbers after only a few days? I know exactly how you feel. No matter if you bought them or grew them in your garden, this can be really disheartening.

Luckily, there is a way to fix this issue. I’ll show you a simple yet brilliant storage hack that will keep your cucumbers fresh!

Eager to learn? Let’s get started.

Here’s The Hack

Believe it or not, you only need one thing to keep your cukes fresh, and that is a metal spoon

Yes, you read that right. 

All you need to do is put this utensil in a sealed container where you keep your cucumbers. 

This won’t keep your cukes fresh for two or three more days, but they’ll still taste the same after up to two weeks if stored this way in the fridge. 

There’s only one thing to remember; the spoon must be metal. Bamboo or plastic spoons won’t do the job. 

Let’s learn why.

How Does It Work?

The story behind this hack is actually related to a feature of metal items; they act as thermal conductors (1). When stored in the fridge, cukes are constantly exposed to temperature fluctuations, which leads to spoiling.

Whenever you open or close your fridge, temperature swings will occur but a metal spoon in the container with your cucumbers will help them stay cool

Cukes and other watery veggies are extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations so this method will save you time and money. 

Other Ways To Store Cucumbers Properly

Well, a metal spoon isn’t the only way to extend the freshness of your cucumbers. The fridge isn’t the only option especially because these veggies also despise cold

Too low temperatures will cause damage and you’ll end up with slimy and soft cukes. Simply put them in a bag and place them on a shelf. 

The optimal temperature for cucumber storage ranges from 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Surprisingly, the FDA advises lower temperatures in the fridge, about 40 degrees Fahrenheit (or lower) (2).

Wrapping vegetables in a paper bag before putting them in the container is another way to keep them fresh. Excess moisture in the refrigerator may lead to moldy or soggy veggies

One more thing, do not put your cukes in the container immediately after washing; they should be entirely dry!

Once you place the container with your cukes in the refrigerator, don’t take them out and put them back often. Remember, temperature swings may harm these veggies and they’ll be anything but fresh. 

A metal spoon is definitely worth trying, especially if you grow your own cucumbers. No vegetable deserves to end up in the bin and if there’s any method to keep them fresh, you give it a go!


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