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Surefire Sign You’re Overwatering Your Jade Plant

Surefire Sign You’re Overwatering Your Jade Plant

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Does your jade plant look kind of sad and grumpy? If so, then the issue might be overwatering.

Although a jade plant is a relatively low-maintenance plant, you might still have some issues with it, especially if you don’t follow the right plant care guide. 

These are succulent plants that don’t like sitting in water that much, so giving them more than enough water might result in wilting and yellowing of the leaves.

In this article, we’ll give you easy tips to know if you’re giving too much water to your jade plant. Keep reading to find out more!

Overwatered Jade Leaves Might Droop And Yellow 

If you want your jade plant to grow and thrive, you must follow the right watering schedule. 

This is because jade plants are able to store water in their leaves, which means that they won’t need the same amount of water as your other house plants. The leaves could get splotches in different places or begin to change color toward the edges. 

Jade plant leaves can turn dark and droop quite quickly; those once firm and plump leaves start to look soft and squishy! 

If you are still not sure whether your plant is overwatered by looking at its leaves, you can inspect the stem as well. Soft and squishy stems are a result of root rot, a fungal disease caused by overly saturated soil. 

If a jade plant suffers from root rot, its roots won’t be able to absorb water and essential nutrients adequately. 

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Water Your Jade Plant Properly 

During their active growth period, which usually lasts during spring and summer, jade plants need thorough watering and adequate drainage. 

But once the fall and winter arrive, you’ll have to switch up and water them less. This is because the days are shorter and it will require more time for the soil to dry. Plus, the plants enter dormancy, which means that they are not actively growing. 

What you should do when watering jade plants is check if the top inch of the soil has completely dried out before watering them again. 

Through careful watering, your jade plant will be happy and healthy! 

Make sure to water the soil deeply but sparingly, letting it dry out completely in between watering sessions. 

Jade plants are usually watered twice a week, but this might vary depending on the type of pot, the size of the plants, and also the temperature they are in. 

It’s important to always use a pot with drainage holes in the bottom so that the extra water can drain away easily. Also, opt for a potting mix that has been specifically designed for succulents (you can use cactus soil mix as well). 

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