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This Simple Ingredient Will Make Your Bird Feeder Irresistible!

This Simple Ingredient Will Make Your Bird Feeder Irresistible!

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Making a place where birds feel welcome isn’t as simple as it seems. Sometimes you can put up a bird feeder and still have no birds flying around the garden. 

The trick is to find the perfect food that birds can’t resist. Such foods include uncooked porridge oats, a beak-watering treat that will attract a variety of birds to the yard. These tasty snacks are easily digestible and provide ample energy for birds. 

Keep reading to find out more about uncooked oats and how to use them. Let’s turn your place into the go-to restaurant for local birds! 

It’s All About Uncooked Porridge Oats! 

First and foremost, you should never give birds cooked oats. Cooked porridge should never be fed to birds because the glutinous oats can stick around the bird’s beak and become suffocating. 

Avoid using any types of instant oatmeal or those that contain milk, sugar, or any other additive that might be harmful to birds. Rolled, steel-cut, or jumbo oats might be the best options for bird feeders. 

These are rich in nutrients and vitamins, and they can supply essential energy for birds that need a well-balanced diet to survive the winter season. 

So, all you have to do is mix some oats with other seeds to create the perfect bird food. It’s simple to distribute this mixture into the bird feeders, but you can also feed your birds using a suet block.

If you want to attract birds like doves or sparrows, simply scatter some oats on the ground – these are ground-feeding birds that will enjoy picking them from a flat surface! 

Other types of birds are simply drawn to your bird feeders. Don’t forget to refill your feeders and regularly clean them. Make sure to keep your oats nice and fresh. Keep them in a cool, dry spot to prevent mold and bacteria infections.

Next time you’re at the store, don’t forget to grab a bag of oats! 

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