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Meet the Hottest Flower of 2024 – Chances Are, It’s Already in Your Garden

Meet the Hottest Flower of 2024 – Chances Are, It’s Already in Your Garden

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I couldn’t believe it, but the “it” flower this summer is the peony! 

Just like fashion, gardening trends tend to come full circle. Romantic and whimsical gardens are making a comeback, featuring timeless blooms such as roses, hydrangeas, and, naturally, peonies as the stars of the show.

Peonies are the darlings of gardeners, floral enthusiasts, and even wedding planners. With over 6,500 varieties, these flowers come in an endless array of colors, sizes, and shapes. 

And the best part? They’re incredibly easy to care for and low-maintenance. No wonder experts say these timeless blooms are making a big splash in 2024!

If you aren’t already growing peonies in your garden, take this as a sign to add some of these stunning perennials to your landscape this year. Here are some helpful tips to get you started on growing peonies.

1. Find the Perfect Peony Spot

First things first, you need to find the best spot for your peony plant. Trust me, you want to get this right the first time because peonies hate being moved! Think of it as finding their “forever home.”

That’s because peonies have brittle roots, so moving them makes them weaker and more susceptible to diseases. All of this lead can lead to less flower production, and we don’t want that – so, once they’re in the ground, you want them to stay put!

When picking the perfect place for your peonies, look for a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Avoid heavy clay soils and overly shady areas because peonies love sunlight and need it for those beautiful blooms we all adore. 

Don’t forget that soggy soil can cause root rot and other nasty fungal issues. So, make sure your precious flowers have a sunny home!

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2. Patience Pays Off

Peony plants are like fine wine – they get better with age. 

Patience is key here, as it may take a couple of years for them to establish and bloom, especially if you’re starting from bare-root rhizomes. But it’s definitely worth the wait!

It took a while for my peonies to get well-established, and now they’ve been thriving for a decade (and without much maintenance, let me tell you)

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3. Easy Care, Not No Care

Once established, peonies are super easy to grow, but I’ve noticed that a bit of regular care can make a big difference.

Trimming, mulching, and providing support with stakes or cages are effective methods for maintaining your peonies.

Once my peonies are in full bloom, I stake them so their stems don’t droop under the weight of their own flowers. To stabilize temperature and retain moisture around roots, I recommend seasonal mulching

What can also help ALOT is strategic fertilization – add some balanced, slow-release fertilizer specifically designed for flowers like peonies. 

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4. Mix & Match For A Gorgeous Garden

You need to plan ahead before you plant peonies; so, besides finding the perfect spot, you’ll have to consider which plants to grow nearby. 

What I like to do is create a non-stop floral show in my garden by combining my peonies with some flowers that bloom in early spring and late summer.

I usually go for tulips or irises as they make great pals for peonies. Wondering why?

Well, your spring colors will begin with vibrant irises, and as soon as they fade away, peonies take over with their large blooms. Then, irises step in with their unique flowers and sword-like foliage that contrast with peonies beautifully. 

Make sure to check when your peony variety blooms before buying companion plants. With thousands of peony cultivars, you can find early, mid, and late bloomers to fit perfectly into your garden plan.

You know, I’ve been growing peonies for years, and they always amaze me. If you want to add something special to your garden, peonies are the way to go. 

Have you tried growing peonies? What other plants do you like to pair with them? Share your thoughts – I’d love to hear some new ideas! 

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