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Growing Tasty Okra Has Never Been Easier With These Tips And Secret Formula

Growing Tasty Okra Has Never Been Easier With These Tips And Secret Formula

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Hey okra lovers! If you’re a beginner or you simply have no luck with planting this healthy plant, today is your lucky day. Learning all the how-tos in combination with the super-secret formula I’m about to share (shh don’t tell anyone) will make you fall in love with the whole process!

Just like many of you, I struggled a lot in the beginning, but I kept my focus, which resulted in finding the best okra planting tips.

And, before I leave you with the step-by-step instructions, there’s only one thing to say: take action ASAP! That way, you’ll have an excellent harvest by the end of the summer! 

#1 Make Room For The Star Of The Garden

When it comes to space, it is important to give plenty of it. Whether you plant okra in a greenhouse or outside is up to you. I planted mine in a large garden because it turned out to be the best option.

The more space they have, the more okras will grow, and that’s what we want to achieve. You know Okra are queens of the garden and they really deserve the best place.

#2 Allow Some Sun, But Don’t Overdo It

It is important to plant your okra right in the spring, because this little plant needs a lot of sun. Okra should spend at least 7 hours a day in a sunny place.

Don’t be clumsy like me and plant it in the shade. It needs the whole spotlight!

#3 Don’t Water It Too Often (Thank Me Later)

Okra should not be watered often, because it can rot. It is not a plant that needs a lot of hydration. It is important that plants receive a moderate amount of water. If you overdo it, it will only lead to the development of fungal infections.

Ideally, you would water twice a week. It would be best to do it early in the morning (I hope you are a morning person)! If you like to sleep in, you can always use sprinklers.

#4 Your Tall Okra Will Need Little Support

If you live in a windy area, my advice is to try tying your okra plants. Sometimes, they can grow quite tall, and strong winds might break them. You definitely want to avoid that, right?

Tying them up is essential for stability and preventing damage. I even made bows out of a small rope and decorated them, which turned out to be a real attraction! After my cute decorations, every okra in the neighborhood had pink bows tied on them!

#5 Don’t Forget To Feed The Plant

Think of plants as your babies. They also need to be fed around the clock, and they definitely need proper care. That’s why fertilizing okra is essential for their normal growth!

They need nutrients like phosphorus and potassium. You can easily purchase all you need in a local shop. My advice is to organize yourself, as okras are known for having a big appetite.

Oh No, Did Your Poor Okra Get A Disease?

If you notice that something is wrong with your plant, it means that you did not follow the steps properly. Everything that I have mentioned so far is crucial for preventing diseases in this plant. 

You have to maintain it well because it can become susceptible to viral diseases, which can cause the fruits to rot.

Don’t despair, though. There’s a solution for every problem! If you notice that one leaf is infected, remove it immediately to prevent the infection from spreading to other flowers. 

It’s Harvest Time

The end of your okra adventure is harvesting. After two months, your green fruits will be ready for harvesting. They have tiny hairs that can often cause an allergic reaction in people, just like in my case. Buy gardening gloves to prevent this from happening to you. 

Just imagine the smell of fresh okra that is immediately ready to eat. There is no better feeling than a successful harvest!

Now The Secret Formula You’ve All Been Waiting For

Yes, we’ve come to the part you’ve been waiting for, and here it goes: soak the seeds in warm water overnight before planting. I tried it, and trust me, it works! 

Give it a shot, it won’t cost you anything, and your plants will grow like crazy! I hope you will pass on this trick because it is really useful.

The best part of the day is when you get to your garden and see the beautiful okra blooms ready to harvest! It’s a really special and emotional feeling for gardeners, because the effort you put in is finally visible

Don’t forget the delicious dishes you can make from okra – share them with your loved ones and enjoy. I know you will rock it!