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Super Easy Tomato Canning Recipes

Super Easy Tomato Canning Recipes

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When you have a bountiful tomato harvest, you should try to save that deliciousness for later; and the easiest way to do that is by canning your tomatoes. No matter if you are new to canning or a pro, these recipes will let you enjoy summer’s goodness whenever you please. 

So, stick around to find out the best tomato canning recipes! 

What You’ll Need

You will have to get caning equipment first before you look for tomato canning recipes. A pressure canner is a must-have piece of canning equipment. You can find them in different stores or you can order one online. This one from Amazon does an amazing job! 

When canning, you should also purchase a jar, lids, and some bands. To make picking up hot jars simpler, you can also use a jar lifter. To remove the metal lids from the hot water and avoid burning your skin, get yourself a magnetic lid wand.

A funnel is often used to help with aiming and clean towels are used to wipe the jars. Here, you can find all of these bundled together! 

In order to avoid having to peel and seed your tomatoes, you can instead use an electric tomato strainer. About 300 pounds of tomatoes can be processed in just one hour, how cool is that?!

If you are new to tomato growing, here’s a list of delicious tomato cultivars

The Best Tomato Canning Recipes

Now, let’s put those canned tomatoes for good use. Try some of these recipes and enjoy your delicious tomatoes!

Canning Pasta Sauce

If you are a pasta lover, then you will definitely find this homemade pasta sauce yummy! 

All you need is some canned tomatoes, basil, olive oil, garlic, onions, red pepper flakes, and a bit of sugar and salt. Mix all the ingredients, stir for a couple of hours, and you will have the most delicious sauce that you can use whenever you want. 

Trust me, homemade is always better!

Canning Green Tomatoes

Instead of waiting for green tomatoes to ripen, you can simply can them. Use fresh green tomatoes to make soups, and canned ones to make delicious green tomato relish

You can put this on your sandwiches or hamburgers, and you can also use it with your other veggies like beans or cauliflowers. 

Also try making a green tomato ketchup!

Imagine how strange it would look to put out a bottle of green ketchup in front of your friends – but trust me, this combines so well with fish and fries. If you are not a fan of ketchup, you can try and make green salsa

Canning Tomato Sauce

Transform your tomatoes into delicious homemade sauce that you can use for soups, pastas, pizzas, gnocchi, and many more meals that mix well with tomatoes!

Every year me and my mom follow this tomato sauce recipe, and all the jars are gone by the end of winter. Try one of those tomato sauce makers if you have a plentiful tomato harvest to save some time. 

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Recipes For Canning Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are my all time favorite!

Now, you can either can your cherry tomatoes, or you can make pickled ones instead. This recipe is quite easy to follow, and pickled cherry tomatoes are absolutely adorable. 

First make brine, which is a combination of salt, vinegar, water, and sugar. Pour it in a jar filled with cherry tomatoes. Cover them with lids and put them in a refrigerator for at least 48 hours before trying them. 

Stewed Tomatoes Recipes

Stewed tomatoes can be used to make a lot of delicious meals, including pastas, soups, veggies, and okra – you can even simply spread them on bread, add some basil, and enjoy their textures. 
You can also follow this Jersey freshed stewed tomato recipe (I usually follow this one when I’m making stewed tomatoes).