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13 Creative Ways To Upcycle Toilet Paper Rolls

13 Creative Ways To Upcycle Toilet Paper Rolls

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Let’s face it, we all use toilet paper constantly, which is why we have toilet paper rolls piling up in the garbage. But, instead of throwing them into the trash, why not put them to good use?

These seemingly insignificant cardboard tubes can actually be repurposed and upcycled into useful and creative items! 

By giving toilet paper rolls a second life, you can reduce waste, save money, and unleash your creativity all at once.

In this article, we are going to explore various ways to upcycle toilet paper, so gather your stash of toilet paper rolls and let’s get started! 

1. Make A Bird Feeder

If you want to attract cardinals or other song birds into your garden, the first step is to put up a bird feeder. In case you don’t want to spend money on buying one, then you can use toilet paper rolls instead. 

Toilet paper tubes are quickly and easily converted into bird feeders by spreading peanut butter on them and rolling them in birdseed.

You can hang them directly on the bench; or add sticks as a perch below the tube by poking a few holes in the top and bottom to hang the tube with thread or ribbon. 

2. Use Them As Seed Starter Pots

Toilet paper rolls make excellent biodegradable seed starter pots. All you have to do is build a type of container by cutting a few slits in the bottom and then folding them up. 

Fill each roll with potting soil, plant the seeds, and water them regularly. Once the seedlings are ready to be transplanted, simply plant the entire roll directly into the ground. 

The cardboard will decompose, providing nutrients to the young plants.

This redditor posted his DIY toilet rolls planter box:

Source: Reddit

3. Free Air Freshener

Give your home a fresh aroma by upcycling toilet paper rolls!

Simply put a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto a cotton ball and place it inside the tube. Seal the ends with tissue paper or fabric so that they last longer. 

There you go – now you have a budget-friendly and customizable air freshener for any room in your home. 

4. Build A Hotel For Insects

You can upcycle toilet paper rolls into cozy shelters for beneficial insects. Now, they will have a place to stay over winter and lay their eggs for the next spring. 

Bees, ladybugs, wasps, butterflies, and moths are common guests in the insect hotel. 

They will appreciate the safe haven and help maintain a healthy ecosystem in your garden. 

In order to construct “rooms” for various insect species, the frame needs to be filled with natural materials like sticks, pine cones, wood shavings, hollow reeds, lichen, and such. Toilet paper rolls stacked with the hollow ends facing out make an accessible filler.

You can also use pine cones to build a hotel specifically for ladybugs! 

5. Make Fly Traps

If you are tired of flies buzzing around your home, you can try and make effective fly traps out of toilet paper rolls. 

You can either spray the tubes with apple cider vinegar and wrap them in double-sided tape to trap the flies, or you can coat them with a sticky substance like honey or syrup. 

Hang the tubes in troubled areas and watch them stick to them one by one. Now you can enjoy your living space without the unpleasant buzzing of flies! 

6. Start Fires Easily

Even though we tend to embrace nature and wilderness when we go camping, we still need some basic supplies such as toilet paper. Besides the obvious reason why you should bring toilet paper rolls camping, they also make great fire starters! 

Simply stuff the rolls with newspaper, dry lint, or other flammable materials. Put the rolls among the firewood and light them up. 

You can also add a few drops of melted wax halfway up the roll to delay the burning process and give the wood some chance to catch fire.

7. Organize Your Electrical Cords  

Instead of buying an organizer, you can get creative and use toilet paper rolls to tidy up your cables. Simply wrap each cord neatly and slide it into a toilet paper roll. 

Then, you can put the rolls in a box or container to have a clutter-free space. Decorate the rolls however you like! 

8. Toilet Rolls As A Jewelry Tray

You can also keep your jewelry organized by upcycling toilet rolls into a jewelry tray. Cut the rolls into different heights and put them in a shallow container or drawer. 

Then, put rings, earrings, and other accessories into the rolls. This jewelry tray will prevent tangles and provide easy access to your precious jewelry! 

9. Unique Coasters

You can also turn toilet paper rolls into unique coasters to protect your surfaces. Simply flatten the rolls and cut them into the preferred sizes and shapes. 

You can also arrange them in a pattern or stack them for a layered effect. Decorate them with colorful paints, fabrics, or decorative paper to match your home decor! 

10. Hold Your Pens

Since they already have the perfect shape to hold your pens, all you have to do is decorate the rolls and voila!

You can keep pens, pencils, and other office materials in these well-organized and easily accessible tubes

If you want some inspiration for decorating, follow this link

11. Phone Stand

Use toilet paper rolls to create a convenient phone stand. Flatten the roll and fold it lengthwise, creating a stable base. You can decorate it with washi tape or decorative paper to spruce it up a bit!

Place your phone horizontally in the folded roll, and you will have a makeshift phone stand for hands-free watching or video calls.

12. Pin Cushion

Toilet paper rolls can be transformed into a practical pin cushion for your sewing projects. You can wrap the roll with fabric and secure it with glue or a rubber band at the end. 

Then, fill the roll with stuffing or cotton balls. You can also decorate the rolls however you like. There you go, now you have a portable pin cushion that you can bring everywhere! 

Check out this awesome pin cushion made out of toilet paper rolls

13. Holder For Yarn 

Lastly, you can keep your yarn tidy and tangle-free by transforming a toilet paper roll into a yarn holder. 

What you have to do is flatten the roll and cut a small slit along one side. Put one end of the yarn into the cut and start wrapping it around the roll. Once you are done, secure the end of the yarn with another slit. 

This will prevent yarn from unraveling and make your knitting and crocheting projects more organized!