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Here’s Why Using Lavender Oil Around Your Patio Is The Ultimate Summer Trick

Here’s Why Using Lavender Oil Around Your Patio Is The Ultimate Summer Trick

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Aren’t we all happy that temperatures are finally increasing? That means we’re ready to spend our evenings on the patio. Yay!

But high temperatures bring an unwelcome guest that’ll put a damper on your time outdoors. 

Not the guest but rather the guests.

Of course, I’m talking about the little annoying creatures known as bugs! They sure know how to ruin all the fun, and deterring them sounds like mission impossible.

And that’s where lavender oil comes in! I enjoy its fresh scent in my room and laundry but knowing it can deter pests is the cherry on top.

Flies, mosquitoes, and fleas are just a few insects that will steer clear of your patio, all thanks to lavender oil.

So, no time like the present! Let’s banish those pesky pests and make this summer bug-free!

This Is How You Should Use Lavender Oil To Keep Pests At Bay

Lavender plants on the patio do wonders and keep pests at bay. However, I know that many of you simply can’t grow these plants for one reason or another.

But the closest you can get is to use 100% pure lavender essential oil. Don’t let the price tag hold you back. I got a 4 fl oz bottle of pure lavender oil for around $15 and it was worth every penny!

For a DIY pest repellent with lavender oil, you’ll need approximately 30 drops and around an ounce of water

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and, voila, your lavender oil spray is ready to send those bugs packing from your patio!

Simply spray the solution all over your patio and reapply if any insect is stubborn enough to come again.

You can spice things up by adding other essential oils, such as peppermint or eucalyptus.

Or you can take things to a whole new level and hang some dried lavender bunches or use a candle with pure lavender oil.

Another method that works perfectly is a fly strip, and you can make one by soaking a couple of strips of cloth in lavender oil. I tie the strips to my trees and all the furniture I have on my patio. 

You may think I’m exaggerating, but I simply don’t like any bugs; they’re my arch-nemesis. 

Are you ready to make your summer bug-free? Lavender oil is your ally, guaranteeing victory in this battle!