If you are having trouble differentiating between Monstera Laniata and Monstera Adansonii, keep on reading to see what are some helpful ways to tell them apart!

The most frequently seen Monsteras are definitely Monstera Adansonii varieties, which share the characteristic feature of dark-green leaves with fenestrations. If you have recently bought a new plant with similar features, how can you tell if you are dealing with Monstera Laniata or Adansonii?

It’s quite difficult to pinpoint the differences between these two plants, mostly because the Monstera Laniata is actually called Monstera Adansonii Laniata, which means that this plant is a subspecie of the Adansonii. However, even though they are almost the same plant, there are still some clues that will help you differentiate between them, including their size, fenestrations, and leaf color.


Monstera Adansonii var. Laniata belongs to the narrow-form Adansonii varieties, but it tends to grow slightly larger than the other Adansonii plants.


The Monstera Laniata produces dark green leaves that have a much glossier appearance, especially if you look at their undersides. With them being larger in size, they also produce larger leaves. The Adansonii varieties have intense green leaves with a matte appearance on the undersides.


Monstera Laniata has symmetrical fenestrations unlike the Adansonii species, which have sporadic fenestrations.


Monstera Laniata has symmetrical fenestrations unlike the Adansonii species, which haveMost Monstera species have the same growing conditions. Since they originate from tropical regions, you will have to make sure that they grow in warm and humid environments. Then, you will have to give them enough water to keep their soil moist, and fertilize them during the growing season to see those lush green leaves growing and glowing (well, the Laniata variety mostly).sporadic fenestrations.

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