Let’s find out how to repot Fiddle leaf fig!

Step 1: Prepare the soil

Fiddle leaf fig thrives in well-draining and loose soil.

Step 2: Gently pull the plant out of the current pot

This is done a lot easier with dry soil. Be careful not to damage the root ball!

Step 3: Remove the old soil

Lightly shake the plant to remove excess soil or use water to wash it down. It is important that the roots don’t dry out when repotting, and you shouldn’t use stone-cold water either.

Step 4: Trim the outer roots

The long outer roots are usually trimmed off to boost growth and development once you repot the plant. You should cut about 2 inches; however, this depends on the size of your plant.

Step 5: Put the plant in the new pot

Put the plant in the center of the pot and fill the rest with soil. Bear in mind that the entire root ball should be covered with soil.

Step 6: Water the repotted plant

Watering after repotting is a crucial step as it will help the soil settle between the plant’s roots. You should thoroughly water the plant and let it drain.

Signs that your FLF needs repotting

1. roots popping out 2. slow growth 2. soil is drying too quickly or not at all

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