How To Revive An Underwatered Aloe Plant

I would like to show you the signs and reasons for an underwatered aloe plant and how can you can prevent this from happening.

What I noticed

– Brown tips and spots – Yellow leaves – Curly leaves or dry edges – Wilting – Shriveling roots – Dry soil

The possible causes

I know how hard it can be to see something wrong with your beloved Aloe Vera plant. Let’s see what caused underwatering.

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Inconsistent watering

We either water the plants prematurely or wait too long between waterings.

Fast evaporation

Conditions that increase the transpiration rate: High temperatures, fast winds, low humidity levels.

Soil doesn’t retain water

If the potting mix has a coarse structure, the water holding capacity reduces and creates problems with watering.

Fertilizing without watering

If you apply fertilizer and don’t water the plant afterward, it will likely result in nitrogen toxicity and it will be tough for Aloe Vera plants to fight against nitrogen.

What to do?

Follow these steps to increase the chances of recovery.

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Cut off the affected parts

Using sterilized pruning shears, cut off older dead leaves first.

Repot your plant

Use fresh potting mix and a new pot with drainage holes. Move the plant to a brighter and warmer place.

48-hour rule

You will need to immerse the roots in a bowl or glass filled with purified water. Then wait for two days, and if the leaves turned green, repot the plant.

If you spot the signs, identify the cause and use our methods to solve the problem.