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Don’t Miss Out On These Top Plants To Grow In July For A Thriving Garden All Season Long

Don’t Miss Out On These Top Plants To Grow In July For A Thriving Garden All Season Long

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You know, July isn’t all about sunshine and lemonade (though I wish it was). I used to think planting was done by summer, but it turns out a lot of plants are just getting warmed up for sowing!

I remember planting some late-season veggies one July since I had some extra space in my garden, and being pleasantly surprised by how well they thrived in the summer heat (they didn’t even need any SPF!). 

A summer garden isn’t just for veggies – geraniums, coneflowers, zinnias, and many other beautiful flowering plants love soaking up that July sunshine! 

So, what you can do is…

Plant Some Veggies First 

Of course, I experimented a bit with planting veggies in the heat of July, and these are the ones that’ll grow the best during this month: 

Turnips (yes, they’re not just for fairy tales)

Chicory (fancy name, even fancier taste)

Tomatoes (salsa season, here we come!)

Cucumbers (perfect for pickling or straight from the vine)

Oriental vegetables (to spice up your stir-fries)

Autumn and leafy greens (because salads are life)

Peppers (from sweet to spicy)

Green beans (snap ’em, cook ’em, love ’em)

Fennel (the fake carrot)

Corn (nothing beats homegrown corn on the cob)

Okra (this plant loves these hot days)

Don’t forget to shower your veggies with love (and water) during those scorching July days. Even though they can endure these extreme temperatures, they’ll still get thirsty! 

What I didn’t do (but should have) is keep an eye out for sneaky pests – they also don’t mind the warmth. My cukes were ruined by beetles (and not the good kind) all because I thought they wouldn’t attack them during this weather. 

So, just follow the right plant care and your July-planted veggie squad will be thriving in no time! 

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Or Go For Those Hardy Annuals 

It’s still not too late for your garden to burst into color, even though it’s July and most flowering plants thrive in spring! 

You know, these beauties aren’t just a treat for the eyes – they’ll also keep your summer garden thriving by attracting lots of pollinators. 

I’ve had my fair share of joy watching blooms brighten up my garden, even during scorching days. So, here’s a lineup of what you can plant to keep your garden looking vibrant:

Fill your borders, pots, and beds with cheerful cornflowers, poppies, or magical annual grasses.

You can also add sun-loving flowers like geraniums and marigolds. 

Opt for those summer flings that’ll stick around till autumn, such as zinnias and forget-me-nots.

Remember to give them some love by deadheading – this will help extend the blooming period even longer. 

Prep your soil before sowing seeds and keep it moist so they don’t dry up. 

Hardy annuals are the low-maintenance plants that’ll stick around for quite some time (some of them will even self-sow, giving you beautiful blooms year after year!). 

If you want to see more similar plants, then check out these 19 self-seeding plants. 

You Can Also Fill Your Summer Garden With Pots And Baskets

If you’re tight on garden space, pot and basket gardening is your go-to solution – it’s like creating a mini garden right on your doorstep (I love them because they’re perfect for both saving space and jazzing up your surroundings).

Start with a classic like basil because there’s nothing like fresh basil for those homemade pizzas or pasta sauces. But why stop there? 

Spice things up with parsley, dill, or even coriander in your herb garden. These versatile herbs can thrive in containers just as well as they do in the ground!

Container gardening not only saves you from endless weeding but also lets you have full control of the soil (awesome news for a control freak like myself). 

Just remember to keep an eye on that soil – check moisture levels regularly and make sure your pots have good drainage. After all, happy plants mean a happy gardener, right? 

And Don’t Forget About Those Spring Perennials

Spring perennials can truly elevate your garden, and planting them in July sets the stage for a breathtaking flower display come next spring. 

Just imagine your garden adorned with cheerful daffodils, vibrant tulips, delicate Bleeding Hearts, fragrant lilacs, and majestic delphinium hybrids (trust me, it’s pure floral magic). 

Thompson & Morgan seeds and flowers suggest giving ‘Magic Fountains Mixed‘ and ‘McKana Giants Mixed‘ a try for stunning results. These varieties promise to add an extra dose of charm and color to your outdoor garden. 

So, why wait? Transform your garden into a perennial paradise this July and enjoy the delightful flowers afterwards!