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When To Plant Paperwhites For Christmas Blooming

When To Plant Paperwhites For Christmas Blooming

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As the holiday season draws near, there’s a delightful tradition waiting to unfold in your home — the blooming of Paperwhites aka Narcissus papyraceus

These are popular blooms that bring festive cheer to brighten your space around the holidays! 

Paperwhites are often used in various Christmas decorations, but you can give them as gifts, too. The most important thing is to trigger blooming, otherwise you would end up with no flowers for your holiday decorations. 

In this article, we are going to focus on paperwhites planting tips that are needed for Christmas blooming. Let’s make your home bloom with holiday cheer!

The Right Time To Plant Paperwhites For Christmas Blooming

If you want to have beautiful paperwhites flowers adoring your indoor space during the holidays, it’s crucial to plant them 4 to 6 weeks ahead of time

The right time to plant paperwhites is during the last week of November, but they will bloom just fine if you planted them in the first week of December. These plants might start blooming after only two weeks!

However, it all comes down to the growing conditions in your home. Some might take four weeks to open, while others need about six weeks. Find out more about the growing conditions down below. 

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How Long Will The Blooming Period Last? 

Flowers last about two weeks once they are opened. However, the flowers can last longer if the plants are properly taken care of. 

For starters, avoid exposing the plant to direct sunlight once the flowers have opened – they do best in bright, indirect sunlight.  

Direct sunlight exposure is only good when the bulbs start to sprout and produce green stems and leaves. Otherwise, these delicate flowers might be ruined if grown in a place with full sun.  

How To Plant Paperwhites Properly  

You might consider using one of the planting kits available on Amazon, such as this Rustic Tin Ziva growing kit or Quaint Paperwhite growing kit

It only takes a few minutes to plant paperwhites. They don’t need any special soils or containers that will support their growth. Most of them are usually planted in a light potting soil or soiless medium (coco coir is a popular choice). 

Presoak the medium before planting and make sure that it is not soggy. Place about two inches of the medium in the bottom of the pot and put the bulbs on top (3 to 8 bulbs per container). Fill out the rest of the container and water thoroughly. 

You should plant more than one container to be sure you have paperwhites blooming during Christmas. They might grow at different times, and this way you’ll have at least one container filled with blooms. If they grow all at the same time, you’ll have lots of blooms!

Remember to not bury the entire narcissus bulb – about one-third of the bulb should be left above the soil surface (or planting medium surface). 

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Paperwhites Caring Tips

• Mastering the watering schedule is crucial. Water the plant when the growing medium dries out or when the top few inches of the soil feels dry. 

• Make sure that the pots for your narcissus have drainage holes in the bottom. 

• Avoid getting the exposed parts of the bulbs wet. 

• Plants root best when kept in a cooler place. Gently pull the top of the bulb to see if there is resistance; if so, the bulb has roots. 

• Rooted bulbs should be placed in warm, bright windows to accelerate their growth. 

• Move the plants out of the sun once they start blooming and keep them in bright, indirect sunlight. 

• Turn pots every day to prevent leaning stems. Tie or stake the stems for additional support. 

• Paperwhites are nice and comfortable at temperatures between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Paperwhites Decorating Tips 

• Grow paperwhites in a tray filled with marbles or glass bulbs. Since they stand upright, paperwhites should be supported by gravel, glass, or a similar material. 

• Try growing paperwhites in jars filled with pebbles or aquarium stones for a rustic aesthetic.

• Combine your paperwhites with other Christmas plants, like Amaryllis or Christmas cactus. 

• Repot paperwhites in a larger container and add some ivy and ferns to keep them company. 

• Display the flower in a vase while the stems and bulbs are still attached. 
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