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Woman’s Flowers Transformed Into Frog Hotels (Never Seen Before!)

Woman’s Flowers Transformed Into Frog Hotels (Never Seen Before!)

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Imagine going into your garden and checking on your flowers, just to see that they are filled with tiny frogs! Well, that’s exactly what happened to Allison Lamb. She says that the frogs are signs that spring has arrived!

Allison, along with the other residents of Snohomish, Washington, are used to frogs’ croaking just like birds’ singing. 

She says that they often visit her home and business – “I have some flowers that line my house, and they will climb up the walls. They even get up in my hanging flower baskets.”

So, you see that it’s not uncommon to spot tiny frogs jumping around the garden. But on one particular day, Allison saw something she’d never seen before – frogs that have transformed her dahlias into hotels!

“I was just telling a fellow dahlia friend that I’ve only seen one frog since the dahlias have bloomed. I came out to deadhead and make some bouquets and BOOM 🐸 I find one.”

Just look at this little frogo chilling on the flower’s petal pocket – it looks so relaxed and cozy!

Allison grows about 200 dahlias to attract pollinators, but little did she know that they would attract these amphibians, too!

As the summer progresses, frogs just keep coming. She claimed that she saw over 10 different frogs hiding in her dahlias. Luckily, she and her children absolutely love frogs and they are thrilled to spot them in the garden. 

“The best part of dahlias are all their little friends!” says Allison, and we can all agree on that! 

You can see many frogs hiding in dahlias in this video!

However, frogs are not there only to make things interesting – they also eat bad bugs that would otherwise devour the plants in the garden!

Plus, they are not the only ones that hide in dahlias. Alison said that she found bees sleeping overnight, little spiders making a shelter, and also a tiny snake curled up in her flowers!

“I also have several salamanders, a praying mantis, and, in the late summer, caterpillars are everywhere”, she stated. Nonetheless, nothing beats the cuteness of these tiny frogs sleeping on flower petals.

I mean, just look at those faces!

Sadly, frogs have to go at the end of summer. “They stay in the flowers all season until the first frost comes and the flowers die,” Allison said.

They leave because the weather gets colder, but she knows that they will be back as soon as the spring arrives. Hopefully next year, there will be more frog guests in the dahlia hotels!