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Create The Coziest Kitchen Garden Using These Raised Beds Ideas

Create The Coziest Kitchen Garden Using These Raised Beds Ideas

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Homemade veggies and fruits are the best, right?

They are the healthiest option and much tastier than the ones you buy in the store. 

I know that many of you don’t have adequate space to create your very own large vegetable garden. Or, that you maybe don’t have enough time to take care of it.

What if I told you there is a better option than that? I have a genius idea! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome – raised beds! 

Make gardening easier and see which beds you can use for your future kitchen specialties! 

#1 If You Choose Wooden Raised Beds, Your Garden Will Have A Vintage Look

A wooden raised bed will provide warmth to your front yard and add a vintage look. This is a really cheap option, so if you want to save money, go for it!

You can plant everything from strawberries to delicious tomatoes or nice-smelling herbs.

Let your imagination soar!

The disadvantage is that wood may not last very long, especially in bad weather conditions. Wood might not be a good option for you if you live in an area where it is rainy all the time.

If you still prefer this option despite the conditions, consider choosing cedar wood! This is tough and resistant to rot. I’ve been using cedar for my plants for years, and it holds up very well.

The location depends on what you will plant. If you are going to plant sun-loving plants, then place the raised bed where they will get a lot of light. For those that need shade, you can always place them under trees.

#2 Metal Raised Beds Will Make Your Yard Fancy 

Metal raised beds will make your garden really special thanks to its modern look! You can decorate them in different ways, paint them, or maybe awaken your inner Picasso and draw something! 

This is a choice that will last more than 10 years. Don’t be shocked when I tell you that they can be really expensive. But, once you have them, you won’t need to spend money anymore. 

The best option is to buy a pre-made one and then simply assemble it. It’s usually a one-person job because it’s very easy. 

The only downside might be that, if you place it directly in the sun because of your plants, they can become very hot to touch. If you have children, make sure they don’t play near the raised bed. You won’t have this problem if you place your metal raised bed in the shade, though.

#3 Brick Or Stone Can Make Your Yard More Charming

If you decide on concrete or stone, your plants will feel fancy because they’ll have the coolest beds in the neighborhood! You can even combine them – they will look so good together.

This is the most expensive option, but if you want a charming look, then buy bricks and arrange them as you wish. If you live near a river, you can go on an adventure and collect stones. It will be cheaper, plus you will have a lot of fun. 

The location also depends on the needs of the plants, but wherever you place them, they will fit perfectly into the garden!

Now it’s up to you to decide! All three options are an excellent choice because you will be able to pick your fresh fruits and immediately use them for your favorite meals. 

Plus, they will be only a few steps away from your kitchen! Don’t wait any longer, give your plants the best raised beds they deserve!