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If You Want Positive Vibes In Your House, Then Plant These 5 Smile-Bringers

If You Want Positive Vibes In Your House, Then Plant These 5 Smile-Bringers

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Like everybody in the world, sometimes you’re not in the best mood, right?

If dancing to loud music and watching your favorite TV show doesn’t help, I have an idea for you. Plant a flower! According to the Washington Post, studies have shown that blossoms need less than 20 minutes to improve your mood!

I decided to plant a couple of them, and I can tell you that I have never been happier. Their appearance beautified every one of my rooms and brought a smile to my face every day.

If you also want your cozy home to be filled with positive vibes, then these 5 mood-boosters are perfect for you! Let’s see who your future besties are!

#1 Bring Peace To Your Home With Lilies

Lilies will make every corner of your space pretty. They have beautiful green leaves and white flowers. If there were a competition for the most beautiful bloom, lilies would definitely win first place! 

Source: Pinterest

Where is the best location to put them, you wonder? They aren’t fans of the sun, so it would be best if you placed them behind a curtain on your window or in a shaded part of the apartment.

They are superheroes who will help reduce stress levels and awaken the zen in you!

#2 Don’t Be Scared Of Snake Plants

Of course, the snake plant does not crawl on the floor and will not bite you. Despite the name, this plant is a real cutie!

It has large green leaves that stand up proudly. They’re often associated with swords, and will fill your home with a vintage vibe! 

Source: Pinterest

They don’t require sunlight, which makes them really great for bathrooms. Aside from having stress-free showers, you’ll have a little green buddy that will certainly contribute to a calming atmosphere.

Snake plants have the power to remove toxic chemicals in your house! No more coughing! Cool, right?

#3 No Need For A Pharmacy When You Have The Life-Saving Aloe Vera 

How can aloe vera replace the pharmacy? 

This small plant is full of medicinal substances. Did you spend the day at the beach and end up sunburnt? Rush home, grab some aloe vera, and apply it to your skin. It can even help with dermatitis that won’t go away

Where to place it? Put aloe vera in a sunny corner of your room.

Source: Pinterest

You can also make a spray from aloe vera to nurture your other plants. It’s a great fertilizer for them. They will not only help you, but they’ll also be very helpful to flowers.

Choosing this plant will not only benefit you but also your friends. Why spend money on expensive treatments when you can have your own small home pharmacy?

#4 Lavender Brings Good Moods And Smells Amazing

Lavender is known for its scent, which is so good that it can rival even the most expensive perfumes! To enjoy its scent for as long as possible, place it in a location with plenty of light

Your bedroom would be an ideal spot. You will sleep like a baby next to lavender thanks to its relaxing smell!

Source: Pinterest

You can also make essential oils from plants and use them for massage. There’s no better way to relax than a good massage, right?

#5 Cactuses Will Purify Your Air And Make You More Productive

Who needs an air purifier when there is our savior – cactuses!

This little boy may look dangerous, but don’t be afraid, he’s not that scary. Just place it as far away from children as possible, on a higher shelf, for instance.

Source: Pinterest

You can place it in the shade. If you are lucky and work from home, it is a good idea to place a cactus in your office. It can help you with productivity and improve your work quality, which may even lead to a raise in the future – who knows?

If you want to take a break from stress, these plants will often be your real salvation! Not only will they improve your mood, but they will also help you to have healthy and fresh air and even heal you.

Whichever you choose, rest assured that these 5 heroes will bring joy and happiness to your home – you can’t go wrong!